Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Class Tier List: Every Class Ranked from Worst to Best

Seeking the best class to rampage around the Wonderlands of Tiny Tina? This is perfect spot; hop on!

Tiny Tina’s Wonderland is a new mayhem that is a spinoff from the Borderland franchise. From melee to magic, from 4-wheelers to Dragon, what do you need more to go on a rampage? Like the original Borderland, you can even choose a class to start with that fits your style. And while in the dark loading screen, you will be able to see yourself and think about what life choices brought you here.

Classes are simply a gameplay option to carry on in the game. Here, I tried to arrange a list that can come in handy to you, fellow noble rampage. Do not get furious from time to time over the performance issues of the game, as the world is not a better place for anyone, let alone gamers. Anyway, what were we talking about?

tiny tina wonderland best class
Be the Hero you are destined to be

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Class Tier List

Classes are just a gameplay choice. No need for hatred over a particular class or something. This list that I tried to arrange is based on popularity and performance. Each class is different, and the Devs worked hard on them. So, I would tell you to go easy on the character you would not want to go with. Well, at the end of the day, each class was meant for someone.

S-Tier (Best)Spellshot, Spore Warden
A-Tier (Good)Graveborn, Stabbomancer
B-Tier (Average)Brrzerker, Clawbringer

Best Class in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

There goes the list, and here I go with the best class starting from the least one to the apex.



Be Brrzerker if you feel like charging the enemy with a knife while the enemy does kame-hame-ha from miles away. Well, you can buff yourself; that is a starter. But the inflict of cryo damage will be like a lifesaver on the other hand. Make your foes bite the frost. That is one way to poke them for some times. And if you plan to equip Dreadwind skill, the melee damage can be said to be increased by a lot.

It is better not to go all the way up to the apex of specs with this class. This is more like a supporting class, so you got to pair up with another class. This class, I would say, is better for a beginner to get around and get familiar with the territory.


Clawbringer is another supporting Tank. Both Brrzerker and Clawbringer have issues with cooldown time for the melee skills. It lacks the high damage output that we look for the most. Though, with Cleansing Flames, you definitely have a chance to put some real damage on your foes. Still, I would say not to finish up those precious skill points yet on this guy.

Other than that, you get to have a Dragon as a pet. Let me tell you; it loves to play with the eyeballs of your foes. And it can keep itself pretty busy, so you can focus on other things aside from patting on its head.



Tier has stepped up. As well the skills and everything. Stabbomancer will remind you of assassins playing from the shadows; to be precise, you will be able to use invisibility perks. Critical hits get driven by parallelly. We can already guess the destructive potential as Stabbomancer always forgets to show mercy to the fallen foes.

Ghost Blade is what you will be focusing on primarily. In this skill, the knife spins around until the juice runs around. You can guess the melee damage from here. With a lack of survivability, make critical hits one of your main perks.


Graveborn here lives by his name. You got to sacrifice your blood for the greater good. And by the greater good, I mean impeccable devastating damage. As you will be using dark spells from time to time, it will also impact your health bar. Bright side, foes get a Dark status as well. Overall, this is a balanced act.

This lack of survival is keeping it down to Tier A. Other than that, this is a top-class material. You also get to keep companions that are the best from the other classes. This companion will be by your side to buff up the damage you have already dealt. You can also summon minions; no, they are not yellow and do not wear glasses.


Spore Warden

Prefer ranged weapons in a class that belongs to a Super tier? This is it. Spore Warden is the most balanced hero you will ever find to begin the game with and go on rampaging till the end. With the lower cooldown on all types of abilities, this one is a first choice for the freshers that want to go with a strategy. While you are on the field, you will have competition with your companions over who can shed the most blood.

Using Barrage, you can fire up to 7 arrows at once for devastating damage. With this skill in the holster, the gun damage increases by 40% as well. Hold your horses; you can cast a frosty cyclone to plain the battlefield while your companion deals poison damage to finish off the rest and will even revive you if necessary.


This is the one you, I mean everyone, will be looking for. Imagine firing a gun that fires a magic bullet while the DPS is maximized; you surely do not want to avoid the Spellshot. Basically, this one is spiritually a mage. You will be able to deal a tremendous amount of damage while increasing the spell damage from the skill tree. And guess what? You will have two slots for spells.

You can also go for funs with foes on Friday. Using the skill Polymorph, you can turn your foes into ewe and make them remind of the decisions that led them to this point. By inflicting gun damage, foes will receive an effortless damage as well. Without any further ado, this class bears by far the most vital abilities in all of the Borderland franchise.

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