TimtheTatman becomes completely invisible with new Warzone bug

This new bug in Call of Duty: Warzone makes players completely invisible to both enemies and their teammates.

Popular Twitch streamer TimtheTatman was playing Warzone with his friends when he found out the new glitch that literally turned him invisible. This glitch can be recreated using the loadout drops, and in the clip below, you can see Tim running around in front of the last enemy, who had no idea about his presence.

This bug can quite easily be exploited, as you only need to purchase a loadout drop then crouch on where it’s about to drop. As the drop falls on top of you, the drop will glitch out and you’ll get stuck inside it, but will turn invisible. And after you get out of the crate, you’ll continue to remain invisible to other players, making this bug very overpowered.

However, this bug might not always occur, and even if it did players will remain invisible only for a limited time. So don’t try using this glitch to get some easy kills, as it might turn out you are completely visible, while you are running around thinking no one can see you.

Infinity Ward should fix this bug soon, as it has been brought to everyone’s attention thanks to the social media. So as of now, you’ll have to wait and stay frosty, as The Invisible Man might hunt you down.

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