TikToker Justine Paradise Accused Jake Paul of Sexual Assault

Tiktoker Justine Paradise recently accused Jake Paul of Sexual Assault.

Justine Paradise is a famous TikTok star with over 5,000 followers. She usually posts lip-sync and comedy videos on her TikTok account justineparadise. Justine recently made serious sexual accusations against one of the Paul brothers.

According to Justine Paradise, the younger of the Paul brothers, Jake Paul allegedly forced himself on her. Justine recently released a TikTok video pointing towards the fact that she was assaulted. The TikTok video has gathered over 1 Million views as of now.


am I allowed talk about it if I signed an NDA?????

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Netizens were puzzled as to who Justine was accusing in the TikTok video. Someone said that it was David Dobrick but Justine soon made another TikTok clarifying that it was not him. In the TikTok video. She said, “It was not David Dobrick. I actually just filmed a YouTube video and I’m editing it right now and I can put it up and there’s more details and stuff in it.”

She also said, “I just don’t wanna say who it is on TikTok before I get my YouTube up because I don’t want people’s legal teams coming after me.”


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Def Noddles summarized the whole situation in his Twitter post.

Justine Paradise’s Video summarized:

Soon after Justine posted a YouTube video titled “TRIGGER WARNING: Jake Paul Sexually Assaulted Me”. In the 20 min video, she talks about her accusations against Jake Paul. Apparently, the incident occurred back in July 20th,2020 before the global pandemic. She explained why she has not said anything about it before and gave a couple of reasons. The reasons she gave are, ” I don’t wanna ruin someone’s career because of something they did. I was too embarrassed, I was feeling guilty”.

Then Justine goes on to explain how she met Jake Paul and how everything happened. Apparently, Justine and her friend were invited to the Team 10 Mansion. When entering the house Justine’s picture was taken and she also had to sign an NDA form. This is the reason she thought it was not ok to talk about all of this until now.

Then at one point Jake Paul apparently came up to Justine and asked for her phone number. Justine then precedes to show screenshots of her and Jake Paul’s DMs. The DM screenshots show Jake Paul texting her even when they were in the same room.

Then one day Jake Paul took Justine to his room and started kissing her. But every time Jake tried to take it to the next step Justine pushed his hands away because she was uncomfortable and only wanted to kiss. Then at one point Jake Paul apparently said, “If nothing is going to happen, then what’s the point?”. After that, he apparently forced himself on Justine.

The full video released by Justine Paradise accusing Jake Paul of sexual assault can be seen below-

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