Tier List Going Into LPL Spring Split 2022

In this article, we will put out our tier list of the teams for the LPL Spring Split 2022

The LPL is set to start tomorrow and fans have long awaited the start of the league. There is a lot to follow with the league as a ton of changes have been made by the teams. Also, the teams have stacked to win the trophies this season. Thus, without further ado, let’s talk about our tier list going into the split.

Tier List

We went for a tier list instead of power rankings because it felt more appropriate going into the split. The standings of most teams are unclear and tier lists best represent whereabouts they will potentially land at the end of the split. Thus, here is our tier list

LPL Spring Split 2022 Tier List
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As the image depicts above, that is our tier list going into the LPL Spring Split 2022. We divided the teams in 5 categories. Potentials Winners are the favorites to win the split while Contenders are other teams that are just below them and can win the split as well. Playoff Contenders are teams vying to make the playoffs and Fringe teams are on the outskirts of the playoffs. Bottom does not need much of an explanation as they will be fighting to not be last.

Potential Winners

EDG and RNG are the top dogs going into the split. There is not much that needs to be said about EDG being there as they were the World Champions last season. RNG on the other hand, have improved on the one position everyone knew was their weakness. Bringing in Bin is just a flat out upgrade and this RNG team as constructed is a notch above the rest of the teams vying for a win.


Now the Contenders are teams that could potentially win the split but as it stands right now, they are a level below EDG and RNG in our opinion. BLG has created their super team but there are questions about whether they can work together with so many players that require resources. LNG has done something similar but the bot lane leaves a bit more to be desired. However, LNG has the potential to make it work.

TES is the Demacia Cup winners, and they have a very solid roster. It all depends on the coin flip for TES as the bot lane can be very volatile. Lastly, WBG is kind of a blast from the past, and it will be interesting to see if they can conjure their former selves with TheShy trying to regain his form.

All in all, these teams winning it all will not come as a surprise, and they are playoff locks in our opinion. Each of these teams are constructed well and will be very interesting teams to follow for this split.

Playoff Contenders

There are five teams for this category on our list, and they will be competing for 4 playoff spots. Needless to say one of them will be left behind. OMG had a fantastic split last time around but the uncertainty of when Creme will return puts them in a bit of a limbo. V5 has created a great roster but Rich might be a liability in the LPL. FPX was a finalist for the Demacia Cup and that should give them confidence going into the split. The question is whether they can sustain it.

WE made a bit of a downgrade with losing Breathe and their bot lane. Now it’s about rediscovering themselves to see if they can continue making the playoffs. UP would be the surprising team on our list because this team is actually pretty well put together. We like the players on this team and this team could make the playoffs.

Fringe Teams

These teams could make a run for the playoffs but our expectation is that they end just outside the playoff mark. JDG will need some time to gel together, and they did take a step down in the top lane. On the bright side, this could be a team that ascends as the split progresses. AL is a decent roster but not quite strong enough to make the playoffs just yet. Lastly, iG took a big nosedive this split and this might be the time when iG is truly not one of those top teams we talk about this split.


Needless to say, these are the teams that will be around the bottom of the league. RA has acquired some interesting players but it’s a long shot to expect them to do well this split. LGD has been in limbo since last year, and we do not expect it to change much. Finally, TT took a step back, and they were in this position last year.

Matches To Watch This Week

There are a ton of games for the LPL starting from tomorrow. It’s not feasible to watch all the matches for most viewers thus we have highlighted some games for this week. Here they are:

  • RNG vs FPX (Monday): A good matchup on the starting day of the split for a preview going into the split.
  • WBG vs WE (Thursday): A good series to see where these teams stack up for the start of the split.
  • V5 vs WE (Sunday): A look into the new V5 roster against a good team.
  • WBG vs BLG (Sunday): Match of the Week in our opinion.

These are some good series to watch in this week amongst many others. The LPL is never short of action and is always fun to watch. LPL Spring Split 2022 kicks off tomorrow as its TT vs OMG in the very first series.

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