Thresh Visual Effects Update For Patch 10.1 Confirmed

Riot Sirhaian has confirmed Thresh Visual Effects Update for the upcoming patch 10.1.

Riot Sirhaian riot’s VFX Artist has twitted that Thresh is getting a Visual Effects Update in patch 10.1 and it is hitting PBE.

Thresh VFX update will be similar to other VFX updates in previous like Ziggs, Olaf, Lux. Thresh VFX Update is aimed to improve gameplay readability and bringing up his VFXs to modern league standards while improving his thematic feel.

VFX Details

  • Passive – New souls and power-up effects.
  • BA – Trails on all skins, and new hit effects.
  • Q – Made the hitbox clearer and adjusted hook position. New hit effects and link break effect (ie. on cleanse/QSS). New wind-up effect.
  • W – New Lantern missile and AOE indicator. Should be more noticeable and in-thematic. New edge indicator. Cleaned up a ray of light towards Thresh. Lantern now rotates much more fluidly (no more chunky rotations, except if you’re super close to it).
  • E – Added a circle indicator to show the actual hitbox. Yes, there was a circle hitbox around it.
  • R – Thematic feel improvement, and cleaned up.
  • Idle Effects – Cleaned up and improved idle effects overall to match his actual appearance (read “match the Senna cinematic”).

Skin Changes

  • All Skins: Cleaned up and matched base changes.
  • Deep Terror Thresh: Cleaned up overall, and more bubbles.
  • Championship Thresh: New Championship particles overall, and some cleanup.
  • Blood Moon Thresh: Mostly just a cleanup with some thematic improvements.
  • Dark Star Thresh: Mostly just some tweaks to match the base.
  • High Noon Thresh: Mostly just some tweaks to match the base.

Here is what we think about the update

  • E looks and feel is amazing. Dark Star E could feel more unique, High Noon has clear iconography on the ground trail, but the fractures in Dark Star look very similar to Championship.
  • The base model looks so much better now, no more glowing hairs.
  •  The new auto-attack animations are gorgeous.


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