Three PsiOps Chest in one run – Destiny 2 PsiOps Battleground Guide – The Witch Queen DLC

Destiny 2’s brand new season called “Season of the risen” is getting a lot of traction day by day, and here’s what you need to know all about it.

Destiny 2’s new expansion “The Witch Queen” comes with a brand new season called “season of the risen”. Unsurprisingly, there is a new Battlegrounds this season. It is called PsiOps Battlegrounds, where you can team up with three players to track down light-bearing Hive, sever their link to Savathun, and you have to bring them back to the H.E.L.M.

In order to get the best out of it, you need to repeat the process the whole season. So, players are trying to maximize their time by speedrunning the whole process again and again. Some people are getting better than others through multiple tries. For example, one player called Crew Speedran the process and got 3 PsiOps chests in a single run.

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How to get access to the season of the risen and PsiOps Battlegrounds.

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In order to get access to the season of the risen and PsiOps Battlegrounds, you need to finish the second campaign mission of The Witch Queen. While doing the mission, you will meet Fynch, and after that, you can freely explore Savathun’s throne world. After that, head to the hangar at the tower to start the Season of the Risen questline.

What Do You Get For Completing The PsiOps Battlegrounds?

You can complete the PsiOps Battlegrounds in the EDZ by progressing through a number of steps in the Operation Elbrus seasonal questline. As the season progress, more battleground locations will appear, and new quest steps will become available.

After collecting 500 Psychogenic Intel and completing the PsioOps Battlegrounds twice a week, you won’t be required to do the activity anymore until the next reset. But you need to play the PsioOps Battleground activity to get Risen Umbral Energy, which is the resource that allows you to focus Umbral Engrams at the War Table.

With each completion of the PsiOps Battleground, you can spend 500 Psychogenic Intel to open A Runic Chest and earn two Risen Umbral Energy. Then spend Risen Umbral Energy at the War Table to focus your Umbral Engrams. As of writing, the moment Operation Elbrus quest and the Risen Umbral Energy from Runic Chests are the main reason to play the PsiOps Battlegrounds, but it may change as the season progresses.

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