Thor Loses His Memory and Drops His Hammer In The Fortnite Map as Part of the event for Season 4

Thor Dropped His hammer Mjolnir in the Fortnite map as part of the event for Season 4.

Fortnite and Marvel crossover is kicking into high gear as Thor’s hammer drops on the Fortnite map. Thor’s hammer dropped near Salty Springs. Previously some leakers leaked Thor’s hammer dropping in the map and the leak was true.

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How did Thor’s Hammer End Up In Fortnite?

We now know how Thor’s hammer ended up in Fortnite’s map if we go through the comic. Previously from the comic pages ingame we got to know about how Thor came to the Fortnite world. In the latest comic pages released in Fortnite, we get to know how Thor’s hammer dropped on the Fortnite island.

Fortnite Thor Hammer POI
Credit: Epic Games

After seeing the comic books we see that Thor’s hammer didn’t appear and he dropped it himself. Apparently everyone who enters the Fortnite island gradually loses their memory. That same thing happened to Thor.

When he first came to Fortnite island to warn about Galactus he had his memory. But after some time he apparently lost his memory. He then dropped his hammer onto the island but vaguely remembers the Fortnite characters that he met before.

New Comic Pages Added

New Comic pages were added to Fortnite just now that shows what happens after the Fortnite characters tried to pick a fight with Thor.

On the first page we see Thor hitting Jonesy and all the other Fortnite characters. Then he flies up in the sky and suddenly he forgets who he is and why he came to the Fortnite island. But he vaguely remembers seeing Brite Bimber before his memory loss.

Fortnite Comic page 5
Credit: Epic Games
Fortnite COmic page 6
Credit: Epic games

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