This VALORANT player clutched a 1v5 ace during a school zoom call

That was a clean 1v5 clutch

At its core VALORANT is a competitive shooter, hence it certainly demands a lot from its players.

Clutching a clean 1v5 ace can be a feat on its own but to do it while also attending an online zoom class on the other tab is something else. And this VALORANT aficionado nixton9 achieved this feat pretty seamlessly while simultaneously studying in the other window.

During these crazy times when literally everyone is at home. Especially all the students are attending their classes online using group call software like Zoom. However, nixton9 had some other ideas. Instead of just attending his regular online class, he decided to multitask.

It is not every day you see someone clutch a 1v5 during their online classes. So kudos to him. VALORANT will be globally releasing on June 2. Anyone who claims to be a fan of FPS games is really excited to finally get their hands on the game. Since the game was in a closed beta not many players got a chance to test it out.

Although there are concerns regarding the state of the game. Some notable FPS players like Shroud thinks that VALORANT is still not ready for a global release. With all the hit registration and performance issues that players were facing during the closed beta, those concerns are not without any merits.

However, the game director of VALORANT did share some positive news regarding the build of the game that they are planning to release to the whole world. Apparently that version will fix all the major gripes that players had with the closed beta. We all can find out for ourselves on June 2.

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