This savvy player broke VALORANT’s Parkour World Record at 1:00:23 with no ability usage

This will be hard to break

Ever since VALORANT’s closed beta came out, players started a race to finish the parkour mission in the training yard as fast as possible.

Seems like the world record has been set at exactly 1:00:23. Keep in mind that this individual did this without any ability usage. While it is already difficult enough to complete the parkour challenge within that time frame, reaching the endpoint without using any agent abilities is a feat in itself.

World record with no ability usage

After finding out about this side parkour activity, many players already set some records. However, most of them did use some kind of agent utilities to reach the endpoint quicker. Right now it will be quite difficult to break this record without any ability usage.

VALORANT is currently only accessible via closed beta access. Since the game isn’t officially out yet, there is a good chance that once more players get their hands on the game more records can be created. It is not that hard to fathom that this record can be broken once more speedrunners get access to the closed beta.

Riot Games is giving VALORANT their upmost support with regular content and server patches. Even though the official release was supposed to be this Summer, many industry insiders are still in doubt whether or not they can actually meet their own deadline. With everything that is going on around the world, it will be a feat for Riot if they can somehow manage to actually meet their deadline.

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