This R6: Siege Cheat maker is using cheater’s PC to mine Bitcoin

Another reason why you shouldn't use cheats!

Cheaters in multiplayer games have caused massive grievance in the modern gaming community. No matter what online games you play, it seems like the cheating problem is inevitable, especially with the big esports titles.

Rainbow Six Siege is one of those titles that is heavily affected by cheaters and hackers, and they are ruining the gaming experience for others with wallhacks, aimbots, and other unfair advantages.

Seeing these cheaters get sanctioned can be one of the most satisfying feelings for a gamer. But players using this certain Rainbow Six Siege cheat are being sanctioned in a whole new way.

Anti-Cheat Police Department, a voluntary group that investigates and uncovers cheats, found a free Rainbow Six Siege cheat which “installed multiple backdoors into people’s PC to farm Bitcoins and probably do other nefarious things to their system.”

After saying “hello” to the Discord server, given the name “C69”, a bot delivered this concerning message. “Your CPU will start Throttling around 11:00 pm EST,” which means that the cheat maker will be utilizing the user’s pc to mine Bitcoins.

The cheaters even politely stated that what they might be doing is illegal, but they somehow need to make some money. The message also warns that uninstalling the cheat won’t stop them from getting access to the pc, but deleting System32 will, as suggested by the scrambled message. However, deleting System32 means you’ll essentially be removing Windows, so that doesn’t seem to be an elegant solution.

At least the cheat users will be glad to see the message’s ending line, “Thanks and have a great day We don’t USE GPU’S,” so most probably, your gaming performance won’t decrease because the Bitcoin mining will only use the CPU when it is idling.

Rainbow Six Siege has been dealing with cheaters for a long time now, and Ubisoft has marked cheating problems as one of their top concerns. Even if Ubisoft doesn’t provide cheaters with an in-game ban, this story should stop players from trying out these awful cheats.