This Overwatch fan Modded a Power Glove to play Sombra

Now that looks really dope

Overwatch in over the years has created a lot of fan cosplays and hacks that show player dedication towards the game. This time around though Reddit user SuperLouis64 has defied all expectations.

He decided to create a DIY power Glove for Sombra using an NES power glove. Using the power glove, he could use Sombra’s hacks to temporarily stop enemies from using their abilities while his other hand is occupied with the mouse to shoot the enemies.

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How it Works

If you ever wanted to see what it would look like if someone played overwatch in VR then this is it. This fan used an NES power glove to simulate for Sombra’s hand motions. In order to activate hacking, you would just have to simulate a typing gesture using your hand.

To use stealth you would just have to use disappearing motion using your hands. Translocator and Ultimate are mapped to the power glove’s physical button. To move he apparently changed his keyboard to control moving/aiming, similar to tank controls of old Resident Evil games.

Originally he planned to use the power glove in order to control aiming. Later he realized the fact that it wasn’t such a good idea. It was one of those things that sounds really good in your head but in reality, it is just not that great. He later explained that his NES controller might be really old.

Youtube Video Explaining the Process

Video explaining the process

In online matches, while it looks really bad it was apparently really fun to work with. He also made a youtube video for those who want to know every nitty-gritty details on how he completed it himself.

It’s so bad! The whole time I couldn’t stop thinking about that scene from the Wizard. I almost want to watch it again but I feel like it probably didn’t age well


This was an amusing work showcasing what you can do yourselves without resorting to spending so much money. Fans on the Overwatch subreddit seem to really like what he has done with only an NES power glove.

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