This is why Respawn can’t make everyone happy with Apex Legends

The reason Respawn can't help everyone

While Apex Legends players have been complaining about the changes about SBMM and other issues like the state of the current map. Respawn just can’t make everyone happy with all their might.

Bring back Kings Canyon

This was already a hot topic back when Worlds Edge was announced. And Respawn has always replied and explained from their perspective on the issues.

“In regards to ranked, matchmaking pools are always a big problem, especially near the top end,” Chong said. “Only 0.2 percent of players are in the Apex Predators ranking, so if we were going to offer them a choice between playing in Kings Canyon or World’s Edge then you’re essentially going to be cutting your player pool in half.”

Based on feedback from players, and the data we can get, we have a lot of different levers we can pull to see what we can do about reintroducing Kings Canyon,”

McCoy the lead designers on Apex’s ranked modes

While a vocal portion of the official Apex subreddit believes that it’s really easy to have both maps at the same time but it isn’t really a good idea. If it really wasn’t a good Respawn would have implemented those changes as soon as possible. Queue times are a big factor in Apex Legends, dividing the player base is one of the things that could make the game bad for a lot of people, and their data shows that. We can already see that dividing your own player base with multiple maps isn’t a very good idea. A golden example of that would be PUBG.

When PUBG launched forth map the players who only play on maps like Erangel made the queue time for other new maps unbearable for other players. Then they made a random queue to solve the problem. And players really hated the change. Solos and Duos make it even worse when it comes to queue time.

  • Solos, duos, and squads in Kings Canyon
  • Solos, duos, and squads in Worlds Edge

It isn’t possible to please everyone, people like Worlds Edge and their stats most likely show that a silent majority preferred squads to solos back when the LTM happened.

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EA probably has some hand in implementing it and they can’t talk about it. SBMM is also proved to help with player retention and only affects 10%. That 10% is a loud minority in the official Apex subreddit and twitter, but there is a silent majority who are having more fun thanks to SBMM. It should get tuned in the future because there are a lot of players that are having some valid problems due to SBMM.

CHEATERS in Apex Legends

Most online games have cheaters because there isn’t a way to ban all of them, new cheats are made and it takes time for them to be caught on. complaining to Respawn about the cheaters and saying stuff like “ban the cheaters” isn’t going to do anyone any favors. And Respawn has already said that they are doing all they can behind the scene to fight cheaters. The same type of sentiment goes towards the quitters.

Cheaters used to be really common back in Season 1, you’d see one every couple matches, that’s no longer the case. Unless of course, you’re in a server like Singapore GC1 or GC2. Since they gathered data to fight the programs being used, cheaters are really rare these days.

After all that it is difficult for Respawn to make meaningful changes to the game and at the same time satisfy everyone. But that also doesn’t mean that people don’t have any right to complain about some of the stuff. We hope Respawn makes the best choices that they want in the game.

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