This is What Ninja Thinks about the New Season of Fortnite

Every sleeper cell has been activated

Richard Tyler Blevins aka Ninja recently commented on how this new chapter of Fortnite feels great. This was a total 180-degree turn from his statement about the previous season.

Fortnite made a lot of changes in the last chapter as mobility was apparently lowest it ever been since its release. All of this changes with the new update. With more launch pads and more engaging fights, it looks like Fortnite is finally back in form.

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While last season introduced us to a whole new map, many felt that Fortnite lost some key movement abilities. This quickly became a topic of disagreement among players including content creators and pros.

Ninja was really vocal about the changes especially to the mobility aspect of the game. Fortnite seemed to have taken a backward step last chapter. All is dandy now cause jump pads are back with a bang. They also even removed traps for a good measure.

According to most players, this was definitely a great comeback for movement in the game. With the return of jump pads and more spray weapons has made early fights a blast. Now it definitely feels like Fortnite in a weird way.

On the topic of the battle pass, many players are rejoicing in the fact that they are back with a new espionage theme. Ninja, in this case, seems to really like the new battle pass. He thinks this time around the battle pass is best in a long time.

While many don’t share his enthusiasm for the new battle pass and increased mobility, we can all agree that this new chapter is definitely a step up from last season.

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