This is What Billionaire Mukesh Ambani Thinks about Online Video Games

Gaming is the next big thing

Mukesh Ambani one of the richest people in the World recently commented on the possibility of online gaming be the next big thing for India.

This giant Indian business magnate thinks that in the future Online Video games will be the next big thing for India as PUBG mobile scene has created a cultural phenomenon. Reliance Industries Ltd. chairman Mukesh Ambani thinks that with the help of their internet infrastructure gaming might just be the Thing to look out for.

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Gaming will be bigger than music, movies and television shows put together.

Mukesh Ambani

Nothing has solidified his statement more as Fnatic already made moves in India. Following that it is rumored that Big NA org TSM might be acquiring their own PUBG mobile roster. The online gaming market in India has risen to an astronomical level since PUBG mobile hit it big there.

Paired that with huge infrastructure updates. Internet is available now in more places than ever before. More and more people are getting familiar with online gaming. This has made a huge splash after Even Prime minister Narendra Modi talked about PUBG mobile.

All in all Indian Online Gaming market has seen a huge boost in the last couple of years. Every year it looks like more new talents in eSports are getting recognized. In this scenario, it definitely seems Ambani knows what is up.

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