This is how the coronavirus affected the launch of VALORANT

A summer release date is still valid?

VALORANT is an upcoming 5v5 tactical shooter from the developer’s Riots Games who are behind such games as League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, etc.

VALORANT went live as an open beta from April 7th. And if the Twitch numbers are any indication then Riot Games have successfully created a massive hype around the game. Most of the hype came from the fact that Riot Games talked about solving problems that were plaguing the FPS genre like low tick-rate servers, pickers advantage, cheating, net code, etc.

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Ever since that Anna Donlon, the producer behind VALORANT have talked about how the coronavirus (COVID 19) has made it difficult for them to launch this new server infrastructure. Since this launch requires a lot of testing from their partners, the travel restrictions that bought upon by the current situation has really hindered that experience.

In the Dev diary, she talked about how this new infrastructure requires a lot of physical shipping of databases. And a lot of QA time is hampered due to the current situation around the world.

Will VALORANT keep their summer 2020 release date?

Even after all those obstacles Riot Games still thinks that they can launch the game in the time frame that they originally had in mind. They still haven’t decided to delay the official launch further.

Amid all this, the open beta for the game has been received really positively thus far. Most of the streamers and content creators from different background seems to really enjoy the core formula of this game. Twitch views are skyrocketing for beta keys. All this is a good sign for VALORANT.

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How long will the beta last?

There is still no clear answer to the question from Riot Games as of yet. This beta might go for the entire duration of summer. And if the situation around the world doesn’t get better by then Riot might postpone it further. Riot Games isn’t taking any chances with VALORANT. They really want a smooth launch and make it as polished as possible from day one.

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