This is how Respawn saved Revenant with much-needed buffs in the new event The Old Ways

Mirage is still left in the dust

Apex Legends just received the update for the new event called The Old Ways. It came with a much-needed Revenant buff and a lot more.

Ever since Revenant came out as the new playable character for season 4, players were complaining from day one that this legend feels really underwhelming. Respawn was so worried about Revenant not being too overpowered that they really released him in such a weak state.

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Players should always complain about a new exciting legend being too overpowered at launch and should ask for nerfs in case the character needs one, not the other way around. All the new legend releases since season three were a lot more underwhelming than it should have been.

Respawn finally listened

Revenant buff
Credit: RedEyesRagdoll

A new character release should be really exciting for players. But it seems like Respawn was listening all alone and finally decided to give Revenant some much-needed buffs.

  • Silence
    • Increased duration of status effect from 10s -> 20s
    • Silence now disables Gibraltar’s Gun Shield.
    • Increased the duration of area of effect from 5s -> 10s
    • Silence has 2 charges now
  • Death Totem
    • Characters are now respawned with 50 health (or whatever health they had when they activated it, if lower) instead of 1

Removed Low Profile

All this should be really exciting for all those Revenant mains out there in the wild. All the other changes include another Nerf to wraith as usual, along with all other low profile characters. G7 seems to be nerfed back to S1. Lifeline got another passive that will allow her to open blue bins scattered around the map for more loot.

For some odd reason, Mirage seems to be the abandoned child of Respawn at this moment. Although it seems like Respawn is testing the ground by giving Legends like Bloodhound, Revenant, Lifeline, etc a Buff to see how players react. To that front, it seems like a move in the right direction.

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Maybe just maybe in the next update, our favorite trickster will be able to get that much-needed Buff. Lets all hope for the best for Mirage.

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