This insane scout flick has divided the whole CSGO community on whether or not it was aimbot

CSGO community is still divided on the matter

Insane no scope Scout flicks are not that uncommon at a high-level CSGO LAN tournament.

However, if it ever takes place in public matchmaking, a question always occurs in players’ minds on whether or not it was real. Since Valves anti-cheat solution VAC doesn’t always work like it was intended to, CSGO players are always justifiably suspicious when it comes to some insane outplays.

This new clip that showcased an insane Scout flick is currently dividing the CSGO community on whether or not if it was just pure skill/luck or some kind of aimbot. The clip clearly showcased a player literally turning 180 degrees to click the head of an unsuspecting player.

People on both sides of the fence did put out some compelling arguments regarding this clip. Some players think that this is a clear sign of some kind of aimbot and there is no way that someone just spins around and no scoped using a Scout. After taking a closer look at the clip, you can’t really blame those who think this way.

Nevertheless, not everyone agreed with that sentiment. “But you’re forgetting that the scout has the lowest no scope spread. It is practically fully accurate when no scoping while standing still”, some players explained these points while defending this insane clip.

Furthermore, after taking some closer inspection it is still unclear whether or not this was actual aimbot or just some dumb luck. VAC needs to be more proactive in its effort to detect cheaters. At this point, players usually use third party services like FACEIT to enjoy their 128 tick servers and a robust anti-cheat solution.

Valve definitely needs to pick up the pace when it comes to their anti-cheat solution for CSGO. Since VALORANT is now available with a better anti-cheat solution called Vanguard, a 128 tick server, etc, Valve needs to make their cheat detecter more reliable if it wants to compete with VALORANT in the long run.

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