This game-breaking exploit is allowing Attackers to plant below the bombsite on Theme Park

One more thing to worry about while Defending.

Rainbow Six Siege players have found a new glitch that allows Attackers to plant beneath the objective on the Theme Park map.

Attackers in Siege are now exploiting this bug to plant the defuser underneath the 2F Bunk/Daycare bombsite, putting defenders to an unfair disadvantage.

This issue has been brought up in the Rainbow Six subreddit, and in the clip above we can see the exploit in full action. The misleaded defenders were trying their best to find the defuser once it was planted on top of the barrels. But their effort went into vain, as the timer slowly ran out, leading to a round loss.

Many players are now also seeing this exploit being used more often in their Casual and Ranked matches. An R6 fix ticket has been uploaded for this bug, which has now been confirmed with 11 reproductions.

And this exploit is not exclusive to PC only, as many PS4 users have also reported the same incidents. But it is unclear right now if it exists on Xbox too, although it most likely seems so.

The Rainbow Six Siege Test Server is live with Operation Neon Dawn update but unfortunately, this glitch can also be reproduced there right now.

However, Ubisoft is on a roll with the bug fixes made in the new season, so hopefully this one will also be fixed very quickly. In the meantime, Defenders need to stay more alert while playing on Theme Park.

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