This fanmade concept takes Apex Legends UI to the next level

This is a must-have in the select-fire era

When Apex Legends launched last year it was defined by the use of its contextual ping system that refined the FPS battle royale genre.

The system was so effective in its ability to make communication between squads without a mic vastly superior. In a matter of weeks, popular titles around the same genre started to implement similar systems.

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Reddit user 100721 came up with an addition to the UI system that will vastly improve the hop-up system in the game.

With the weapon balancing changes in the new season it is obvious that Prowler SMG is an A tier weapon right now. The only catch is that it will require a certain select-fire hop-up.

What this UI concept will do is highlight any hop-up if it was mentioned by any teammates during the match. Sometimes players ping a certain hop-up from teammates and they forget about it during the heat of the battle.

This will keep reminding your teammates if that particular hop-up is still relevant to your squadmate or not. Having this conceptual highlight will vastly improve the current situation with the hop-ups as you won’t have to keep reminding your teammate that you need a specific hop-up.

There is no other game that is as refined as Apex when it comes to the contextual ping system. If Respawn ever decides to add this extra layer of information it will further refine what is already a pretty solid system.

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