This bizarre bug is allowing Attackers to push the defuser with their drones

Rainbow Six Siege players have found a new bug that is allowing Attackers to move the bomb defuser with drones.

Players in Siege are now exploiting this game-breaking bug to push the “Planted” defuser under tables and obstacles to prevent defenders from accessing it.

@j7cky2k brought up this weird bug on Twitter, and we can see the exploit in full action in the video above. After planting the defuser, the Attackers can use their two drones to easily move the defuser from where it was initially planted. By lining up the first drone with the defuser and then using the second drone to push the first one, the defuser can also be pushed simultaneously.

This means the defuser can now be moved under tables and cars, putting defenders into an unfair situation.

An R6Fix ticket has already been uploaded as of now, including 4 reproductions. We aren’t sure if this bug also exists on consoles, but it probably does, going by the previous histories. So, make sure to report this bug if you can reproduce it on your own platforms.

Rainbow Six Siege devs have been fast in solving the ‘recoil bug’, ‘knife-peek’ exploit, and more with the recent Y6S1.1 update. Hopefully, this issue will also be mitigated soon before more players get affected by this.

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