There will be no audience and press for the rest of season in LCS and LEC

Both LCS and LEC suspend audience and press attendance for the rest of the season 2020 Spring Split, including the Finals due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Riot Games announced two news on 12 March 2020, that both LCS and LEC will be played behind closed doors with no live audience and press.

The LCS 2020 spring season is set to continue from the LA studio without an audience. And regarding the situation Riot said, “After carefully monitoring the situation around COVID-19, we’ve come to the difficult decision to suspend the live audience, tailgates, and press at the LCS studies until further notice.”

Regarding the LCS 2020 spring, finals Riot is still uncertain about their decision and they will announce their decision on March 20.

LEC will also walk in the same path as LCS as they are also suspending live audiences and press, including the finals. Riot said, “Due to the rapidly-changing global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the live audience and onsite press attendance at the LEC Studio in Berlin for the remainder of the 2020 Spring Split, including Finals.”

Last week LEC announced that the spring 2020 split final is moved from Budapest, Hungary, to the LEC Studios in Berlin. Riot also mentioned that Origen will be playing this week’s LEC online.

The world health organization(WHO) declared the Covid-19 as a pandemic, as a result, many Esports events are now on hiatus or prepended. League of Legends has also been affected by it as 2020 MSi is delayed, LPL is now being played online and LCK is also on hiatus.

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