There is a Pathfinder glitch in Apex that you have no idea about

Not everyone knows about this one yet

Apex Fans just found out about a weird running glitch that includes Pathfinder.

The main reason no one at this point has seen this glitch is because it can only be seen if you are inspecting this friendly Robot in third-person mode. While this glitch isn’t a game-breaking in any way, it is certainly funny to see pathfinder in that Yoshi running animation.

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Yoshi in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is sometimes filled with weird glitches and bugs. Pathfinder is prone to so many bugs like getting stuck into the wall, now this weird looking running animation. Most players don’t really know how to activate third-person mode in the training area yet. This is the main reason why many had no idea about this glitch.

Bugs in Apex Legends

Remember about the time when TSM_Albralelie got stuck into the wall near the epicenter during Apex Global online qualifiers. This isn’t what we expect from an Esports ready game. Apex Legends already have a lot of audio issues that plague the game to this very day.

Respawn should really focus on issues like audio, getting stuck to walls, falling out of the map, etc. While Apex is still one of the better BR in the market right now, upcoming titles such as Valorant will surely take a toll on their concurrent player numbers.

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