There is a new easter egg for the upcoming new champion in League of Legends

There is a new easter egg in League of Legends that strongly referring to the masked champion who refuses to die.

At the beginning of 2020 Riot Games released a new video titling “Champions in Season 2020” where devs mentioned a masked champion that refuses to die. And since then, there are many theories from fans on who that champion might be.

Today, a Reddit user ka2ka2 found a new easter egg which is similar to the masked champion that devs talked about on that video.

How to find this Easter Egg

In order to find this easter egg, you will have to play Yasuo with the Nightbringer Yasuo skin.

In the “Champions in Season 2020” video there is a sword that the masked champion is holding, and at some point, that sword turns red. Many believe this sword is related to Ionia and it looks similar to Yona’s Sword.

This easter egg is very similar to this sword color changing. If you die at level 6 playing with the Nightbringer Yasuo skin, you will see a sword that Yasuo left behind. And just like the masked champion’s sword, it will turn red after a few moments.

Image Credit: ka2ka2
Image Credit: ka2ka2
Image Credit: ka2ka2

All the fan-made theories strongly point out this masked champion is Yasuo’s brother Yone. As the new easter egg is also related to Yasuo, all the rumors about Yone might be true after all.

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