The Witcher 3 has generated $50m on Steam since October 2018

Witcher 3 made big bucks

Apparently the Witcher 3 has made 50 million dollars form steam since October 2018. While it is no surprise seeing the number being as high as it is, it really answers the age-old debate of quality versus quantity.

Witcher 3 at this point in time has aged like a fine wine. With the release of the Witcher TV series, players came back in droves to this game once more time to visit the world of the white wolf. It also didn’t hurt the matter as the show was received really well amongst the fans of the series.

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Witcher 3 created a new record as it had more concurrent players for a single-player game that was released almost five years ago at this point. This is kind of unprecedented for any single-player game.

So, it wasn’t a big surprise as The Witcher 3 made that much money during that period of time. CD Projekt Red is one of the few publishers at this point in time has made so much money with only a few titles under their belts.

With the highly anticipated game Cyberpunk 2077 coming out this year, CD Projekt Red seems to be in a really fortunate position. Their concern with the quality and polish of the game that people come to expect from them has made them delay this game to later this year.

Which is a really good decision in their point of view as they want Cyberpunk to exceed all previous expectation of what Video games as an interactive entertainment media can do.

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