The VALORANT community wants an audio cue to detect the end of a magazine

Players want more deliberate audio cues

VALORANT players are asking for some kind of audio cue to make it easier for players to detect the end of a magazine.

While sound design is pretty competent in VALORANT, some players in the community think that there are more tweaks that can be done to make it even more intuitive. A good example of such an audio cue can be heard implemented in Counter-Strike. In CSGO you can clearly hear when your gun is running out of ammo.

Image via Dusty Young

Even though there is a clear visual indicator for keeping an eye out for bullets, during the heat of the battle it can get pretty difficult to keep count. As a result, sometimes players would rush for a kill only to realize there is no bullet left in the chamber of the magazine.

Having some kind of audio cue would be perfect in this scenario. Since VALORANT is made with keeping competitive integrity in mind, Riot should include some kind of auditory feedback to aid the players. Just with these little tweaks in audio feedback, the player experience in the game would improve by a mile.

VALORANT will be launching worldwide on June 2. Apparently the official release will include all the bug fixes and performance patches that players were facing during the closed beta.

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