The ultimate VALORANT wall penetration guide for beginners

Wall penetration guide for beginners

VALORANT is an upcoming 5v5 tactical shooter from the developer Riot Games. The game is in its closed beta right now.

Riot Games took gunplay inspiration directly from Counter-Strike and utilities from hero shooters like team fortress, Overwatch, etc. OG players from CSGO already have a good grasp of how wall penetration works.

For those who never played CSGO or any other game that relies on you to know exactly how to shoot your foes through the wall. Then this guide is a great starting point for beginners who had no previous experience in other tactical shooters. Special thanks go to ItsMormo and Altimor for making this guide possible.



Some must-know fact about Split:

  • You can wall bang from B to mid-connector as demonstrated here.
  • Of all 3 maps, this one has the most “one-way” penetration walls (a lot of corners near mid-b)



Some must-know fact about Bind:

  • A heaven to A lamps: Easily spray-able if you aim at the corners.
  • Hookah connector: Just spray through the wall with an LMG into the hookah connector from attack-side mid to get easy first blood.
  • B->A Teleporter: If you find yourself trapped in the B->A Teleporter room, you can shoot out of the corners to some of the obvious camping spots.



Some must-know fact about Haven:

  • A lot of easily penetrated walls here, especially attacking-side mid. You can spray anyone camping window or mid from practically any direction.
  • There are a lot of windows and door textures on the walls (specifically connecting walls) that allow you to spray through them. A good example of this is being able to shoot through defending spawn into the back of B.

Some important general tips:

  • Everything outlined on the maps can be penetrated with an AR. Different textures are a good indication of the type of gun you’ll need in order to shoot through it.
  • It varies from material to material, but the Operator can shoot through what seems to be 4 consecutive walls and still have pretty high damage output on the other side.

Bullet penetration through different materials

  • Bullets can travel 500cm through “very low” resistance materials
  • Bullets can travel 400cm through “low” resistance materials
  • Bullets can travel 300cm through “moderate” resistance materials
  • Bullets can travel 100cm through “high” resistance materials
  • Bullets can travel 50cm through “very high” resistance materials

This guide is only viable for the closed beta of VALORANT. With the addition of more maps, change in map layout, bullet penetration value, etc this list will also see an update into the future.

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