The Surge series developers part of Focus Home Interactive

Focus Home Interactive has acquired Deck13, the developers of The Surge series.

Deck 13 is now part of the Focus Home team, the acquisition was announced recently by the French indie developers. Furthermore, they now own Deck 13 as its first acquisition.

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The recent financial report says: “Focus Home Interactive has acquired 100% of Deck13 Interactive’s share capital shares for a total price of €7.1 million [$8 million] (of which €6.5 million [$7.2 million] in cash from the new bank financing and €0.6 million [or $673,000] in shares held in treasury) and a long-term incentive plan for the managers,” the report said. “Deck13 Interactive is a leading German game development studio and long-time partner of Focus Home Interactive.”

With games like Lords of the Fallen and the more popular; The Surge 1 and 2, Deck 13 has proved to be quite the talent-house over the years. Additionally, the studio also published the retro-esque role-playing game, Crosscode on PC in 2018. Likewise, Crosscode will also be arriving on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One on July 8th.

Meanwhile, Focus Home Interactive packs quite an arsenal to brag about too. With games like Greedfall, Vampyr, and the more recently, A Plague Tale: Innocence; they sure know what they are doing and what gamers want.

In fact, A Plague Tale: Innocence was one of the best games of 2019, with a heart-touching story and grim atmosphere. It received a Metacritic user score of 8.5.

With two vastly skilled studios now combined; we, gamers can hope for some big, heavy hitters in the future.

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