The Steam Summer Sale is back with the huge discounts, new point shop items, and 14 micro-adventures

The Steam Summer Sale 2021 is back with huge discounts, new items in the points shop, and a 14 part micro-adventure game!

It’s that time of the year again, Steam is back with amazing deals on your favorite franchises and more! Along with that, the Steam point shop has been restocked with new Avatars, borders, and animated backgrounds. So the more you spend on games, the more rewards you can redeem from the point shop and can spice up your steam profile. Furthermore, there is a new series of micro-adventures to earn cool stickers.

New Point shop items

14 Forge your Fate stories

Along with the usual deals on games, this year steam brings a new micro-adventure game named Forge your fate stories. It is an interactive choice-based story where the reader can earn unique stickers at the end.

They appear like pages of a book that have a story written and the reader is the main character. At the end of every story, the reader has to make a choice from two options. Upon making a decision, the reader is directed to a new page where the consequences of the choice affect the story. They also receive a cool animated Emoji based upon their decision.

This way, 14 animated emojis can be earned from the 14 Genres of games, each with their own Forge your fate story.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out the steam summer sale to avail yourself of exciting discounts on your favorite games, redeem rewards from the point shop or just simply check out the micro-adventures and earn animated stickers!

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