The Shadow Rising Pack is Coming Back To Fortnite

Fortnite Shadow Rising pack is going to come back to the item shop within the next 24 hours.

Fortnite is a Third-person game. In third-person games, players can see the character they are playing. So skins are very much in demand for third-person games. But in first-person games, this doesn’t happen because players can only see part of their hands and guns.

Fortnite has a lot of Cosmetic options for players. Skins, Back-blings, Pickaxes, etc. Some of these come to the item shop and cost ranging from 200-2000 VB. The price depends on the rarity and the type of cosmetics. Skins range from 800-2000 VB. Pickaxes can range from 800-1500 VB. Back-blings can range from 200-1000 VB.

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Fortnite has previously released a lot of Skin packs as well. Which comes in a bundle of 2-3 skin. These bundles are usually specific color variants of previously released skins. Some of the most popular Legends packs are Lava Legends, Shadow Rising, Polar Legends, Frozen legends etc.

Usually, we have seen the legends come to the item shop and priced around 19.99$. They stay in the item shop for about 2 weeks and leave.

When is it coming back?

The Fortnite Shadow Rising pack includes three skins 3 skins, 3 back-blings, and 1 pickaxe. The Pack costs 20$. The pack is already available in New Zeland right now. This pack will release in the US and all over the world in the next 24 hours.

According to leaker FireMonkey we got the news of the re-returning of Shadow Rising pack.

These skins are some of my favorites as they are absolutely stunning in their black and white glowing combo colors.

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