The semi-automatic Sentinel bug is back again in Apex Legends Legacy

One really scary Sentinel bug has made its unwanted return in the Apex Legends Legacy update.

A few seasons ago, some dedicated Apex fans discovered a game-breaking bug with Sentinel where this sniper rifle would skip the animation and would turn into a semi-automatic weapon. Consequently, this weapon would deal more damage per second than it was originally designed to do.

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Right after some savvy Apex players figured out the exploit with this weapon, they started to abuse it in real matches. Following complaints from the player base, Respawn responded quickly and fixed this exploit.

Turns out, it has reappeared again. Based on a clip shared on the official Apex Legends subreddit, this semi-auto bug has returned.

Sentinel bug has returned

Sentinel is a bolt-action sniper rifle that packs quite a punch but requires an additional animation to play out before each shot. This exploit bypasses the additional reload animation. As a result, the weapon can be fired at a much faster pace skipping the animations altogether.

Fans are speculating that this bug appears only if players use the new hop-up called “dead eyes tempo” with the Sentinel. But it can also appear without the hop-up attached, according to the user that originally found this bug.

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Respawn should fix this Sentinel exploit before it causes havoc in real matches similar to what happened with the previous iteration of this bug.

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