The next VALORANT agent is going to be a Duelist

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Multiple sources have indicated that Riot will be adding another Duelist in VALORANT.

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As of now, VALORANT has 13 active agents & 4 different classes of agents. Back in June, Riot developers confirmed the addition of six agents per year. The game currently features 4 Duelists, 3 Initiators, 3 Controllers & 3 Sentinels.

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With VALORANT’s next big update is scheduled for January of 2021, Riot Games officials are now hinting at the arrival of another Duelist agent. John Goscicki, Character Producer Lead at Riot Games, stated that ” For now we are keeping these boundary-pushing ideas a secret. That said, we wanted to sneak some insight into the future here. The year will tear open with a Duelist for all you “lurkers” out there, who will keep you on your toes around which angles are truly safe.”

In the last two major updates, Riot released Killjoy & Skye. Killjoy was introduced as a Sentinel agent, whereas Skye’s Initiator role prompted huge debates. After the release of two consecutive non-Duelist agents, developers finally intend to bring something new to the table. Since August, VALORANT has seen some drastic transformation in terms of gameplay. During the closed beta, the game slightly favored aggression over control. In contrast, VALORANT is now all about map control, flank & strategy.

Data miners in the community have some shreds of evidence to believe that the next agent will pack clandestine features. On top of that, John Goscicki’s mention of the word “lurkers” adds fuel to the speculation. Considering the long-standing influence of Sentinel agents in the game, a Duelist agent with stealth abilities will only encourage players to modify their existing playstyle.

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