The Medium has already crossed its production cost

The Medium has already managed to cross its production cost few days into release.

The first real Xbox Series X/S Exclusive just got launched a few days ago, and it’s already making its mark. The Medium is available on Xbox Game Pass, and they have already managed to cover the production and marketing costs. The horror game has taken the Xbox fans by surprise with its unique gameplay and experience.

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The company has already recovered the cost of making and marketing the game and is counting profits as we speak. In a recent publication, they mentioned the cost and details of the game. It is available on both Xbox Series X/S and PC. Bloober Team makes exceptional horror games, and this yet another addition to the collection.

The Medium is on Game Pass as promised by Microsoft, you can play it on PC or Xbox Series X/S as per your wish. Unfortunately, this game is not yet available on Xbox One, unlike all other Game Pass titles. The next-Gen consoles complement the game itself and make it look better than ever. Game Pass has recently crossed over 18 million subscribers, and no surprise Microsoft has shifted the console market with it.

The split-screen horror masterpiece lets you be in two realms at once. The split-screen helps you solve puzzles in the game while you live in constant fear of being consumed by the monster. Bloober Team promised fans they will not be disappointed playing The Medium, and they surely have nailed it.

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