The Medium gets creepy new gameplay trailer

Bloober Team’s newest psychological horror The Medium got its official gameplay trailer.

Microsoft’s first next-gen exclusive The Medium has gained quite the hype among gamers. Showing off its eerie atmosphere and dual reality gameplay. Hence, making full use of the Xbox Series X|S’s powerful hardware.

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Today, developer Bloober Team released their newest psychological horror, The Medium’s 14-minute gameplay footage. Furthermore, this footage shows how the game plays out, in addition to its creepy visuals. In fact, it looks like The Medium got its inspiration from the Silent Hill franchise. Especially, the way players have to interact with objects, in addition to the overall look and feel.

The footage shows the protagonist Marriane traversing through a creepy haunted hotel. Here we see a glimpse of the talked dual reality. A very new gameplay mechanic. Players have to play through two worlds simultaneously to solve puzzles and progress.

Additionally, we can also see the Maw, a monster on the hunt for the protagonist. Voiced by none other than Troy Baker. Moreover, The Medium’s gameplay trailer also reveals some of the works of legendary Silent Hill composer, Akira Yamaoka. Be sure that the music in this game will leave a lasting impression.

The Medium will be coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC on January 28th, 2021. Initially, had a release window of December 2020. The game will also be on Game Pass from day one.

The Medium had been looking amazing since its announcement and this wonderful footage only added to the excitement. One of the many contenders in Microsoft’s arsenal for next-gen console supremacy. We hope the game delivers and adds strength to Xbox’s much needed first-party lineup.

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