The Last Laugh Bundle Trailer Heavily hints at C4 returning to Fortnite

The Last Laugh Bundle trailer was just released and it hints heavily that the C4 could be coming back.

The remote explosives or more commonly known in the Fortnite community as C4 was an epic rarity explosive throwable in battle royale. Players could throw them down and use a remote to trigger an explosion. They deal high amounts of damage to structures all around the explosion radius. This is the reason pro players loved using the C4 in competitive matches. Remote explosives were vaulted in Chapter 3 as they were still overpowered after receiving multiple nerfs.

Recently the Last Laugh Bundle trailer hinted heavily that C4 might soon be making a comeback to Fortnite.

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C4 coming back?

The Last Laugh Bundle trailer was recently released on Twitter. In the trailer, we saw all the bundle skins get featured. We also saw lots and lots of C4. In fact almost every few seconds in the trailer was the C4. This heavily hints at the C4 returning to Fortnite soon.

Although the trailer featured the C4 on multiple occasions it does not mean that it is returning. Epic has not confirmed the return of C4 so it is still uncertain. But a lot of people are hoping for the C4’s return.

Fortnite YouTuber Ali-A also shared the Last Laugh Bundle trailer on his Twitter and said this,” NEW “Last Laugh” Fortnite bundle trailer!
(P.S. C4 returning soon!?)”.

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