The King of Fighters XV Tier List: Every Character Ranked from Worst to Best

The King of Fighters XV has introduced 39 playable characters in its starting lineup, here is our opinionated ranking on every fighter in KOFXV.

The King of Fighters XV (KOFXV) is the brand new installment in SNK’s fighting game franchise King of Fighters. Picking up right from the events of King of Fighters XIV (KOFXIV), KOFXV continues to tell the rest of Shun’ei’s Saga. The plot is centered around the next King of Fighters tournament after Verse’s defeat in KOFXIV.

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Like the previous King of Fighter games, KOFXV also divides fighters into teams of 3. There are a total of 13 teams in KOFXV, meaning there are a total of 39 playable characters in the game as of release. Most of the combos from the previous titles return with minor tweaks.

However, each character has their own set of special moves related to their power that only they can perform. In this guide, we will be listing all the characters in The King of Fighters XV and rank them into tiers based on their abilities and difficulty of playing.

List of Fighters in KOFXV

As mentioned earlier, KOFXV’s current lineup consists of 39 playable characters. However, this number is subject to change as more teams and characters will be released in the future as part of DLCs. We will keep updating this section as more characters are announced.


Credit: SNK

Shun’ei (a.k.a Amped-up Illusionist) is the main protagonist of KOFXV and part of the Hero team. His fighting style resembles Chinese boxing, and he makes use of telekinetic powers during fights.

  • Shun’ei’s Powers:
    • Amplified Specters – Shun’ei can call forth Amplified Specters like Verse.
    • Pyrokinesis – Allows Shun’ei to control fire by forming a fiery fist with his left hand.
    • Hydrokinesis – Allows Shun’ei to control water with his right hand and use it like a claw.


Credit: SNK

Meitenkun (a.k.a Sleep Prodigy) is the second member of the Hero team. His fighting style is called the Hakkyokuminminken or Eight Extremities Sleepy Fist.

  • Meitenkun’s Powers:
    • Ergokinesis –  Allows Meitenkun to use of a surge of chi energy when gathering chi from Gaia.
    • Multiple Kicks – Meitenkun can land multiple back to back unstoppable kicks
    • Superhuman strength – Allows Meitenkun to perform at 100% of his full strength by making his brain fall asleep
    • Sleeping technique – Gives Meitenkun strong control over his chi
    • Energy Pillow – Meitenkun can make a projectile attack by infusing chi into his pillow.

Benimaru Nikaido

Benimaru Nikaido
Credit: SNK

Benimaru Nikaido (a.k.a The Shooting Star) is the final member of the Hero team who uses shoot boxing techniques and makes use of electricity in his fighting.

  • Benimaru Nikaido’s Powers:
    • Electrokinesis – Allows Benimaru to control electricity.
    • Thunder – Allows Benimaru to summon lightning from the sky and bring forth sparks within the ground
    • Discharge – Allows Benimaru to release an electric discharge on opponents by touching them
    • Static – Allows Benimaru to create static around his body.
    • Electric Fist – Allows Benimaru to form an electric ball around his fist.
    • Electric Attacks – Allows Benimaru to imbue his attacks with electric energy
    • Super-Speed – Allows Benimaru to travel at lightning speed

Kyo Kusanagi

Kyo Kusanagi
Credit: SNK

Kyo Kusanagi (a.k.a Scion of the Flame) is the former protagonist of The King of Fighter series and is currently a part of the Sacred Treasures Team. As a member of the Kusanagi clan, he fights using the clan’s ancient martial arts techniques along with Kenpo.

  • Kyo Kusanagi’s Powers:
    • Pyrokinesis – Kyo can imbue his attacks with fire along with throwing fire balls, creating fire pillars and setting his own body ablaze

Iori Yagami

Iori Yagami
Credit: SNK

Iori Yagami (a.k.a Unshackled Instinct) is the second member of the Sacred Treasures Team. Iori fights using the Yasakani style of ancient martial art which makes use of claws. Like Kyo, he too can use fire.

  • Iori Yagami’s Powers:
    • Slashing Hands – Iori can deal clawing strikes to his enemies.
    • Pyrokinesis – Iori can imbue his attacks with fire along with throwing fire balls, creating fire pillars and setting his own body ablaze. Moreover, His fire puts enemies in a state of stasis.
    • Riot of the Blood – While in this state, Iori’s strength and energy is boosted.

Chizuru Kagura

Chizuru Kagura
Credit: SNK

Chizuru Kagura (a.k.a Swift Shamaness) is the final member of the Sacred Treasures Team. Most of her combat mechanics use the Yata mirror.

  • Chizuru Kagura’s Powers:
    • Divination – Allows her to foretell future and gain intel on opponents
    • Mirror Image – Allows Chizuru to create clones of herself that are able to move and attack enemies on their own.
    • Reflector – Allows Chizuru to reflect projectiles with the power of the Yata mirror.
    • Energy Manipulation – Chizuru can make enemies back off through chi manipulation
    • Seal Powers – Allows Chizuru to briefly seal an opponent’s special powers and abilities
    • Create Shadow – Allows Chizuru to create shadows of people through the Yata mirror
    • Seal – Allows Chizuru to seal Orochi in another dimension.
    • Telepathy – Allows Chizuru to possess other people or communicate with them through the mind
    • Teleport – Allows Chizuru to teleport from one place to another

Terry Bogard

Terry Bogard
Credit: SNK

Terry Bogard (a.k.a The Legendary Wolf) is the main protagonist from SNK’s Fatal Fury franchise. He is part of the Fatal Fury Team. His fighting style is a blend of kung fu, karate, and boxing.

  • Terry Bogard’s Powers:
    • Sense – Allows Terry to sense the presence of nearby opponents
    • Ergokinesis – Allows Terry to use of a surge of chi energy
    • Gather Chi – Allows Terry to draw chi energy from Gaia or the mother-earth.
    • Power Wave – Terry can fire an energy beam which travels through the ground, or form an explosive AoE strike known as Round Wave
    • Power Geyser – Allows Terry to create a more powerful version of the Power Wave attack by punching the ground
    • Energy Attacks – Allows Terry to imbue his normal attacks with chi energy to increase damage
    • Burn Knuckle/Quick Burn – Allows Terry to increase the impact of his punch by gathering chi in his fist
    • Crack Shoot – Allows Terry to land a deadly jumping axe kick by drawing chi to his feet
    • Create Fire – Allows Terry to create fire through a new and improved Fire Kick

Andy Bogard

Andy Bogard
Credit: SNK

Andy Bogard (a.k.a The Human Weapon) is Terry’s younger brother and the second member of the Fatal Fury Team. He fights using Koppouken martial arts techniques.

  • Andy Bogard’s Powers:
    • Gather Chi – Allows Andy to draw chi energy from Gaia or the mother-earth
    • Energy Projectile – Allows Andy to shoot balls of chi energy from his hands
    • Energy Attacks – Allows Andy to imbue his normal attacks with chi energy to increase damage
    • Fire Attacks – Andy can imbue his normal attacks with fire to increase damage, as well as set himself ablaze

Joe Higashi

Joe Higashi
Credit: SNK

Joe Higashi (a.k.a The Young Champ of Muay Thai) is the final member of the Fatal Fury Team. He uses Muay Thai in combat and can summon hurricanes.

  • Joe Higashi’s Powers:
    • Multiple Attacks – Allows Joe to land multiple punches in lightning speed
    • Energy strikes – Allows Joe to imbue his normal attacks with chi energy to increase damage
    • Explosive strikes – Allows Joe to deliver explosive punches
    • Aerokinesis – Grants Joe the power of controlling air and wind.
    • Hurricane – Allows Joe to create hurricanes with an uppercut

Yashiro Nanakase

Yashiro Nanakase
Credit: SNK

Yashiro Nanakase (a.k.a Dauntless and Decisive) is the leader of the Orochi team. He is an offensive fighter who relies on brute strength and speed.

  • Yashiro Nanakase’s Powers:
    • Super Speed – Allows Yashiro to throw punches in lightning speed
    • Wind Manipulation – Allows Yashiro to create a ball of wind with his punch


Credit: SNK

Shermie (a.k.a Coquettish) is the second member of the Orochi team. Her combat strength lies in acrobatics and grappling.

  • Shermie’s Powers:
    • Ignore Weight – Allows Shermie to grab and throw opponents of all sizes
    • Orochi Power (Elektrokinesis) – Shermie is able to use half of her Orochi lightning element in combat even while in her base form


Credit: SNK

Chris (a.k.a Tempo Mixer) is the final member of the Orochi team. His fighting style is reliant on speed and acrobatics.

  • Chris’s Powers:
    • Super Speed – Allows Chris to move at a higher speed than an average human being
    • Translocation – Grants Chris the ability to translocate himself to a different place using Super Speed
    • Energy Attacks – Allows Chris to imbue his normal attacks with chi energy to increase damage

Ryo Sakazaki

Ryo Sakazaki
Credit: SNK

Ryo Sakazaki (a.k.a The Invincible Dragon) is the leader of the Art of Fighting Team. He uses karate with deadly punching attacks in combat.

  • Ryo Sakazaki’s Powers:
    • Gather chi – Allows Ryo to draw chi energy from Gaia or the mother-earth
    • Energy Projectile – Allows Ryo to deliver Kouken and Haoh Shou Kouken blasts
    • Multiple Attacks – Allows Ryo to land multiple punches in lightning speed

Robert Garcia

Robert Garcia
Credit: SNK

Robert Garcia (a.k.a The Raging Tiger) is the second member of the Art of Fighting Team. Although Robert and Ryo share the same skills, Robert’s fighting is more reliant on delivering lethal kicks.

  • Robert Garcia’s Powers:
    • Gather chi – Allows Robert to draw chi energy from Gaia or the mother-earth
    • Energy Projectile – Allows Robert to deliver Ryugekiken and Haoh Shou Kouken blast
    • Multiple Attacks – Allows Robert to deliver multiple kicks in lightning speed


Credit: SNK

King (a.k.a The Beautiful Kick’s Illusion) is the final member of the Art of Fighting Team. Her fighting style is a unique take on Muay Thai kickboxing.

  • King’s Powers:
    • Energy Projectile – Allows King to shoot energy or chi as projectiles with her kicks

Leona Heidern

Leona Heidern
Credit: SNK

Leona Heidern (a.k.a The Silent Soldier) is part of the Ikari Warriors Team. Her fighting style is reliant on speed, acrobatics, and slashing attacks.

  • Leona Heidern’s Powers:
    • Cutting/Piercing Hands – Allows Leona to cut or pierce through enemies with her hands
    • Cutting Aura – Allows Leona to form a cutting aura around her limbs
    • Cutting Ball – Allows Leona to form a ball of energy blades
    • Riot of the Blood – While in this state, Leona’s strength and energy is boosted
    • Orochi Power – Allows Leona to exercise some control over herself as long as Orochi’s power stays weak
    • Explosive Techniques – Allows Leona to create explosions through her earrings and gloves

Ralf Jones

Ralf Jones
Credit: SNK

Ralf Jones (a.k.a The One-Man Army) is the second member of the Ikari Warriors Team. Ralf’s fighting style is explosive and wrestling-focused mercenary combat.

  • Ralf Jones’s Power:
    • Above average strength – Allows Ralf to use power based moves like the Galactica Phantom
    • Fast punching – Allows Ralf to blow multiple punches per second which are followed by minor explosions
    • Fireworks – Allows Ralf to cause minor explosions with each of his attacks
    • Fire punch – Ralf can strike opponents with a fiery punch

Clark Still

Clark Still
Credit: SNK

Clark Still (a.k.a Tough & Cool) is Ralf’s comrade and the final member of the Ikari Warriors Team. His fighting style includes wrestling, grappling along with traditional mercenary combat.

  • Clark Still’s Powers:
    • Ignore Weight – Clark is able grab and throw opponents of all weights and sizes


Credit: SNK

Vanessa (a.k.a Crimson Agent) is a member of the Secret Agents Team. She is a boxer that can throw some of the hardest punches.

  • Vanessa’s Powers:
    • Translocation – Allows Vanessa to translocate herself at the speed of lightning
    • Reflector – Allows Vanessa to punch a projectile back to the opponent
    • Wind Blast – Allows Vanessa to form a strong air current with a punch in the air
    • Cutting aura – Allows Vanessa to slice through the air with incredibly fast punches
    • Power Punch – Vanessa can unleash an incredible punching power that can break through giant opponents

Blue Mary

Blue Mary
Credit: SNK

Mary Ryan or Blue Mary (a.k.a The Joint Crusher) is the second member of the Secret Agents Team. She uses the Russian martial art technique Sambo in combat.

  • Blue Mary’s Powers:
    • Ignore weight – Allows Mary to grab and throw opponents of all weights
    • Energy Attacks – Allows Mary to imbue her attacks and throws with chi energy to deal extended damage


Credit: SNK

Luong (a.k.a The Enchanting Beauty) is the final member of the Secret Agents Team. She extensively uses her feet in battle, and her fighting style relies on acrobatic agility and flexibility.

  • Luong’s Powers:
    • Stretch Limbs – Allows Luong to stretch and snap her legs beautifully over a wide range to use like a whip

Athena Asamiya

Athena Asamiya
Credit: SNK

Athena Asamiya (a.k.a Eternal Psychic Idol) is a member of the Super Heroines Team. She is a seasoned Kung Fu martial artist who makes use of psychic powers in combat.

  • Athena Asamiya’s Powers:
    • Psionics – Athena has remarkable psychic powers that allows her to tap into various psionic abilities.
    • Psychokinesis – Allows Athena to move objects with her mind
    • Psychic projectile – Allows Athena to accumulate her psychic energy into a ball to shoot at her opponent
    • Psychic energy strikes – Allows Athena to materialize and infuse psychic energy into her limbs to raise the power of her physical attacks
    • Teleportation – Allows Athena to teleport herself, other people or objects
    • Psychic barrier – Allows Athena to form an energy shield around her body
    • Psychic Reflector – Athena can form a reflective barrier around her that deflects any projectile thrown at her
    • Psychic Healing – Athena can tap into her psychic energy to heal herself or others

Mai Shiranui

Mai Shiranui
Credit: SNK

Mai Shiranui (a.k.a The Alluring Ninja Girl) is the second member of the Super Heroines Team. Her combat style is comprised of Shiranui-Ryuu Ninjutsu techniques and fire imbued attacks.

  • Mai Shiranui’s Powers:
    • Pyrokinesis – Allows Mai to create and control fire
    • Fire Attacks – Mai can imbue fire in her attacks along with completely covering herself in flames
    • Aerial Control – Grants Mai the ability to stay afloat for a brief period of time and control her movements mid-air
    • Fire Channel – Grants Mai the ability to channel fire through her weapon, clothes, and whatever else she touches
    • Hammer Space – Mai can pull out or hide a range of weapons and items like fans and umbrella from her cleavage and clothes
    • Fire Burst – Grants Mai the ability to create explosions and fire eruptions
    • Bunshin – Allows Mai to project shadow images of herself and her weapon for a brief period

Yuri Sakazaki

Yuri Sakazaki
Credit: SNK

Yuri Sakazaki (a.k.a The Wild Flying Swallow) is the final member of the Super Heroines Team. She uses the most basic level of Kyokugenryu Karate that she has personalized for herself.

  • Yuri Sakazaki’s Powers:
    • Gather chi – Allows Yuri to gather chi from Gaia or the mother-earth
    • Energy Projectile – Allows Yuri to use the Ko-Ou Ken and Haoh Shoukou Ken blasts
    • Energy Reflector – Allows Yuri to form a ball of energy that can reflect projectiles
    • Copying techniques – Grants Yuri the ability to copy moves and abilities of her opponents


Credit: SNK

Antonov (a.k.a Restored Siberian Magnate) is part of the Galaxy Anton Wrestling Team. He relies on brute strength in combat, making the absolute best use of his Siberian Golden Fist to deliver strong punches.

  • Antonov’s Powers:
    • Superhuman Strength – Antonov can unleash superhuman strength that surpasses that of Goro Daimon, Chang Koehan or King of Dinosaurs’.
    • Seismic Wave – Antonov can cause an earthquake by slamming his hands on the ground which causes his opponents to lose their balance and fall


Credit: SNK

Ramón (a.k.a The Strongest Human) is the second member of the Galaxy Anton Wrestling Team. His fighting style is centered around Lucha Libre wrestling, and his attacks mostly consist of dropkicks, cross-bodies, suplexes, and spinning heel kicks.

  • Ramón’s Powers:
    • Superhuman Speed – Allows Ramón to move tenfolds faster than an average human being
    • Superhuman Reflexes – Grants Ramón a faster reaction speed than most opponents

King of Dinosaurs

King of Dinosaurs
Credit: SNK

King of Dinosaurs, or Dinosaur for short (a.k.a Dino King Burning for Revenge), is the final member of the Galaxy Anton Wrestling Team. His combat style is influenced by grappling-focused pro-wrestling.

  • King of Dinosaur’s Power:
    • Great Strength – Grants Dinosaur the ability to lift five people at once


Credit: SNK

Isla (a.k.a Dreaming Brilliance) is the leader of the Rivals team and the main rival of Shun’ei. Isla does not use her own hands in combat, instead she uses floating specter hands named Amanda. Other than using Amanda, she mostly kicks her opponents.

  • Isla’s Powers:
    • Amplified Specters – Isla can call forth Amplified Specters like Shun’ei.


Credit: SNK

Dolores (a.k.a Hidden Wisdom) is the second member of the Rivals team and uses the Sacred Earth Arts in combat.

  • Dolores’s Powers:
    • Holy Soil – Allows Dolores to call upon the Earth spirits to control and bend mud and rocks at will.


Credit: SNK

Heidern (a.k.a Hard-Boiled Assassin) is the final member of the Rivals team and uses a range of self-developed martial arts techniques in combat.

  • Heidern’s Powers:
    • Slashing Hands – Allows Heidern to cut and pierce through enemies with his hands
    • Cutting Aura – Allows Heidern to form a cutting aura around his arms
    • Cutting Projectile – Allows Heidern to send a piercing or slashing projectile flying towards his opponents with his hands
    • Absorb Life – Allows Heidern to drain health from his opponents to refill his own by piercing their body with his hand
    • Explosions – Allows Heidern to create explosions through his gloves


Credit: SNK

K’, pronounced ‘K dash,’ (a.k.a Better than K) is the leader of the K’ Team. His combat style is heavily inspired by Bruce Lee’s.

  • K’s Powers:
    • Pyrokinesis – K’ can imbue his attacks with fire along with throwing fire balls, creating fire pillars and setting his own body ablaze
    • Translocation – Grants K’ the ability to translocate himself


Credit: SNK

Maxima (a.k.a Steel Human Weapon) is the second member of the K’ Team and a comrade to K’. He follows a unique fighting style called Type-M, which is tailor-made for him and makes use of his weapons, grappling and striking. Most of his powers are technology-focused.

  • Maxima’s Powers:
    • Superhuman Strength – Allows Maxima to grab and throw even the heaviest of opponents
    • Cyberpathy/Technopathy – Allows Maxima to communicate with machines
    • Hack System – Allows Maxima to hack into remote systems with his brain
    • Superhuman Reaction – Grants Maxima a faster reaction speed than most opponents
    • Superhuman Endurance – Allows Maxima’s cyborg body to endure multiple gun blasts
    • Hack Satellite – Allows Maxima to hack satellites with an antenna.
    • Internal Clock – Maxima’s internal clock works as a chronometer and always gives him the right time
    • Global Positioning System – Maxima’s internal GPS allows him to see his exact location
    • Infrared Vision – Allows Maxima to see in total darkness
    • Analyze Enemy – Allows Maxima to scan enemies to learn their strengths and weaknesses


Credit: SNK

Whip, or Seirah (a.k.a Queen of the Battlefield), is the final member of the K’ Team. Her fighting style utilizes Soubenjutsu techniques, which is a type of martial arts focused on the use of whips.

  • Whip’s Powers:
    • Whipping strike – Allows Seirah to whip away at multiple enemies at an incredible speed
    • Wind Manipulation – Allows Seirah to use her whip to create a wind ball
    • Explosion Techiniques – Allows Seirah to create explosions using her whip and earrings

Krohnen McDougall

Krohnen McDougall
Credit: SNK

Krohnen McDougall (a.k.a Exceptional Esper) is the leader of the Krohnen Team. He makes use of a polymorphic arm in combat that can turn into a shotgun, claw, and blade.

  • Krohnen McDougall’s Powers:
    • Polymorphic Arm – Allows Krohnen to transform his prosthetic arm into a blade, drill or a shotgun
    • Pyrokinesis – Allows Krohnen to erupt fire from within the ground or slash streams of fire at enemies. However, his Pyrokinesis abilities are limited compared to that of other characters

Kula Diamond

Kula Diamond
Credit: SNK

Kula Diamond (a.k.a Ice Doll) is the second member of the Krohnen Team. She is fast, agile and mostly uses ice-based attacks.

  • Kula Diamond’s Powers:
    • Cryokinesis – Grants Kula the ability to control ice
    • Create ice – Allows Kula to form ice out of thin air
    • Snowman – Grants Kula the ability to create and drop a snowman on her opponents
    • Body of ice – Grants Kula the ability to turn her body into ice
    • Freeze – Kula can trap her enemies inside an ice block
    • Ice breath – Gives Kula the ability to blow chilled air out of her mouth
    • Ice strikes – Allows Kula to infuse ice in her normal attacks
    • Slippery floor – Allows Kula to freeze the ground so that her opponents slip and fall
    • Crystals – Allows Kula to form crystals that can block incoming projectiles or freeze opponents
    • Ice projectile – Allows Kula to shoot an ice projectile at opponents with a kick
    • Snowflake Projectile – Allows Kula to shoot snowflake shaped projectiles that deal more damage
    • Ice shield – Allows Kula to form a shield out of ice that can negate Superhuman Strength
    • Freeze air – Allows Kula to transform the air around her into ice that deals AoE ice damage
    • Ice Spikes – Allows Kula to create huge pointed ice spikes


Credit: SNK

Ángel (a.k.a Knockout ♥ Free Spirit) is the final member of the Krohnen Team. She fights like a pro wrestler with some Muay Thai techniques.

  • Ángels Powers:
    • Enhanced Body – Ángel’s body enhancement allows her to perform at a Superhuman level
    • Superhuman Strength – Grants her the ability to lift and throw even the heaviest of opponents
    • Superhuman Speed – Grants her the ability to travel fast enough to translocate herself
    • Superhuman Reflexes – Grants her the ability to dodge most attacks
    • Superhuman Stamina – Grants her the ability to really push her body to its maximum limit
    • Superhuman Dexterity – Allows her to outperform a 10th grade black belt in terms of dexterity

Ash Crimson

Ash Crimson
Credit: SNK

Ash Crimson (a.k.a Mocking Firelight) is the leader of the Ash Team. His fighting style consists of fire-based attacks and acrobatics.

  • Ash Crimson’s Powers:
    • Pyrokinesis – Allows Ash to create and control green flames
    • Create Fire – Allows Ash to produce fire from thin air
    • Fire Aura – Allows Ash to cloak his body with fire
    • Power Absorption – Grants Ash the ability to steal others’ powers and use them as his own
    • Fire Projectile – Allows Ash to shoot fire projectiles at opponents
    • Fire Attacks – Allows Ash to infuse his attacks with fire to increase damage

Elisabeth Blanctorche

Elisabeth Blanctorche
Credit: SNK

Elisabeth Blanctorche (a.k.a Will of Light) is the second member of the Ash Team. She uses light-based magic in her attacks.

  • Elisabeth Blanctorches Powers:
    • Ictiokinesis – Grants Elisabeth the power to control light
    • Create Light – Allows Elisabeth to create light at will
    • Light Attack – Allows Elisabeth to shoot five consecutive light projectiles
    • Translocation – Allows Elisabeth to translocate herself at the speed of light
    • Light Beam – Allows Elisabeth to trap enemies in a beam of light
    • Bow Summoning – Allows Elisabeth to summon a bow made of light
    • Light Field – Allows Elisabeth to deal AoE light damage to surrounding enemies
    • Unexplained Power – Grants Elisabeth the power to sense Ash’s presence and confirm his whereabouts


Credit: SNK

Kukri (a.k.a Sharp-Tongued Sandman) is the final member of the Ash Team. Kukri has a unique fighting technique called the Hot Sand Assassin’s Fist, which allows him to control and manipulate sand at will.

  • Kukri’s Powers:
    • Sand Manipulation – Allows Kukri to launch sand-based heavy attacks, form sand mountains, and stun enemies
    • Parallel Universe Creation – Grants Kukri the ability to create a parallel universe or dimension that is detached from the real world

Best Fighters in KOFXV (A Complete Tier List)

  • Best (S-tier): Terry Bogard, Kyo Kusanagi, Luong, Iori Yagami
  • Good (A-tier): Ryo Sakazaki, Shun’ei, Mai Shiranui, Angel, Yuri Sakazaki, Joe Higashi, Venessa, Blue Mary, Chris, Ash Crimson, Shermie, Kula Diamond, King of Dinosaurs
  • Average (B-tier): Benimaru Nikaido, Dolores, Isla, Chizuru Kagura, Athena Asamiya, Meitenkun, Yashiro Nanakase, K’, Maxima, Krohnen McDougall, Leona Heidern, Antonov, Ramon, Elisabeth Blanctorche, King, Robert Garcia
  • Underwhelming (C-tier): Clark Still, Heidern, Whip, Andy Bogard, Kukri, Ralf Jones


Terry Bogard is an S-tier fighter because he’s not only beginner-friendly but also an all-rounder with a fantastic lineup of normal attacks that can hit across long-range. Players can easily win fights with him without having to remember complicated combos.

He is incredibly strong and can also traverse quickly across the screen. Moreover, his Fire Kick also comes in handy during combat, which has been improved in KOFXV. Not to mention, his Power Dunk signature move has also made a comeback, this time with significant improvements and bonuses.

Then there is Kyo Kusanagi, who is a rushdown-oriented S-tier character. Although his fireball got axed, he can still infuse his normal and special attacks with fire that deals a good amount of damage every time. Although his combos are not as easy as Terry’s, they are still fairly easy to pull off.

Next, we have Luong, one of the strongest neutral characters in the game. She can extend her legs and whip away at enemies even from a considerable amount of distance. Apart from her special moves, even her normal attacks cover a wider range than other characters. This includes both sweeps and blowbacks. Not to mention, her combos are incredible and can deal a lot of damage.

Lastly, we have Iori Yagami in the S-tier category, who is a beginner-friendly all-rounder. His fireball is incredibly fast, and he can perform some of the best fire-based attacks. He has a bunch of special moves from his Rekka-series that can be chained together effortlessly. Moreover, he also has a command grab that can break through the opponent’s defense.


All the characters in A-tier can be your next best alternatives if you want to switch things up. Starting with Ryo Sakazaki, who is a rushdown-focused character, has multiple juggle-oriented combos that can keep enemies off their feet. His skills may lack in range, but he makes up for it with brute strength in close combat and can land incredible machine gun punches.

Shun’ei, on the other hand, also belongs to the rushdown archetype and with very beginner-friendly combos. He has more air mobility than most characters which allows him to perform a variety of aerial attacks. Lastly, his uppercut is powerful enough to launch enemies in the air.

There is also Mai Shiranui, who happens to be one of the most famous fighters in the KOF franchise. She is a strong neutral character. Her kicks can cover a wide range, and even her projectiles are pretty powerful. And she works well against characters who jump around a lot. However, some of her attacks have been nerfed since KOFXIV.


The characters in B-tier work well and can be interesting to play but aren’t worthy of being your mains. Characters like Benimaru have a good range of normal attacks that have improved since KOFXIV. On the other hand, Dolores can cover a wide range with her earth attacks. She can even command-grab an opponent from a distance. Then there is Isla, who can be a good pick if you like relying on aerial attacks a lot.


These characters are simply there but are not worth picking. Clark Still is a master grappler, and all his attacks rely on that. So the move-sets may feel repetitive. On the other hand, Heidern relies on charged attacks, which makes his reaction speed slower than some of the faster characters. But on the bright side, his combos are beginner-friendly and can cover a wide range. Lastly, Whip is a long-range character who only uses her whip in combat. She can pull enemies closer with her whip and land a bunch of follow-up whip attacks, but her gameplay is nothing spectacular.

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