The Falconeer will run 120fps in Xbox Series X

The Falcooner will be playable at 4k/60fps or 1800p/ 120fps in the Xbox Series X

Developer Tomas Sala has confirmed that the Falconeer will be playable at different settings with different resolution and fps. But none of it is below 60fps. Furthermore, even the Xbox One S will also run the game in 60fps 1080p.

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On the Xbox Series X, this artistic treat will run in crisp 4k with the standard 60fps. Additionally, The Falconeer will feature a “Performance mode” which will make the game run on buttery smooth 120fps in lowered 1800p resolution. Likewise, Xbox Series S will run The Falconeer 1800p/60fps and 1080p/ 120fps on performance mode.

Furthermore, to sweeten the deal, the game will use of the Xbox Series X|S SSD to lower The Falconeer load time immensely. 13 seconds on the next-gen Xbox, while 42 seconds on the current Xbox One.

The Falcooner is an open world air combat game with some similarities to the classic Panzer Dragoon series. The game combines stylized cel-shaded visuals to deliver a beautiful open world and intense air combat gameplay. The game has some RPG elements, using classes, stats and etc.

The Falcooner is an Xbox Series X|S launch title. Hence, will be soaring to the next-gen,current-gen Xbox consoles and PC on November 10th. The game looks like it will deliver a wonderful experience, so keep your eyes peeled on this.

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