The Diofield Chronicle Magilumic Orbs Guide – Best Magilumic Orbs and Summons

Summons are the strongest way to devastate enemies in The Diofield Chronicle; learn about the best Magilumic Orbs to summon powerful creatures.

Apart from fighting with different weapons and magic, you can also summon magical entities to fight alongside you. The Diofield Chronicle’s most useful and fun mechanic is using Summons through the use called Magilumic Orbs. Using Summons allows you to hit enemies with a powerful attack or support your party with great buffs and recovery. Furthermore, you can upgrade them to have better and stronger stats.

Hence, Magilumic Orbs in The Diofield Chronicle is an essential resource to get a hold of. This guide talks everything about Magilumic Orbs and Summons so that you know how these Orbs work and the best ones to use in battle.

Magilumic Orbs: How To Upgrade and Use Them

Magilumic Orbs are a resource item in The Diofield Chronicles and can be used by the whole party. However, they require TP to be used, so you must also watch out for keeping your TP high.

There are 6 Magilumic Orbs in the game, and you can equip two at a time to use in a mission. Equip them before starting a mission and use them from the Merceneries’ Equipment tab in the Commands Screen. Using Orbs requires TP, which you must earn by completing sub-quests from Blue Jade Fragments found in the game world or by defeating enemies.

To ensure your Summons is well-balanced as you progress, you need to upgrade them. First, you need to find Jade Crystals and have sufficient funds. Moreover, you need to upgrade Research Ranks for the Orbs to unlock the upgrades. This is done by completing sub-quests.

To upgrade, talk to Iscarion during Chapter 2. He’ll tell you to speak to a Researcher at the Institute. The Researcher helps you upgrade and talks about how it works.

Sub-Quests for raising Research Rank

  • Request: Additional Funds: Magilumic Orb Research Rank 2 rewarded, Engraving (upgrade for Research) is unlocked.
  • Urgent: Funds Depleted: Magilumic Orb Research Rank 3, TP rewarded.
  • Emergency: Stolen Funds: Magilumic Orb Research Rank 4 is rewarded, and Engraving is unlocked.
  • Appeal: Last Push for Funds: Magilumic Orb Research Rank 5, TP rewarded.

Complete these Sub-quests to raise the Research Rank to a maximum.

Best Magilumic Orbs in The Diofield Chronicle

There are a total of 6 Magilumic Orbs. While all of them have incredible advantages and abilities, some are just overpowered, and a few have limited uses or are not efficient to use, considering the other choices.

6. Salamander

Diofield Chronicle Best  Magilumic Orbs Summons Guide
credits: Square Enix
  • Required TP: 2
  • Unlock Conditions: Clear Escort the Priests
  • Power: N/A

Salamander is the only summon that gives an attack buff with the Might status effect to your party by 50%. While a helpful ability and one that can easily take you out of tough spots, the buff remains only for a short time. Often you’ll find that it’s gone before proper use. Hence, it is only useful when you’ll be clearing out enemies quickly or at least sure you can.

5. Ouroboros

Diofield Chronicle Best Summons
credits: Square Enix
  • Required TP: 3
  • Unlock Conditions: Clear Mockery of an Alliance
  • Power: 1600

Ouroboros does the highest damage among all of the Magilumic Orbs in The Diofield Chronicle. Even though it grants a considerable health gain using the damage inflicted, it requires 3 TP to use, which can be used on another summons that gives better recovery. Furthermore, it is obtained near the endgame. Hence you won’t get to use it as much anyways.

Ouroboros is lower on our list because despite being extremely powerful and can clear out enemies instantly while recovering party health, it is found too late into the game to enjoy it as much and is too expensive. If it had been unlocked earlier, it would’ve easily been in the top 3.

4. Coeurl

Diofield Chronicle Best Summons
credits: Square Enix
  • Required TP: 2
  • Unlock Conditions: Clear Fond Frontier and Survey for Jade
  • Power: 1200

Coeurl is a strong summon, as its attack has two effects. Dealing incredible AOE damage. In fact, the highest and inflicting damaged enemies with Weakness. Effectively weakening their damage by half. Although it is a reliable and highly useful Magilumic Orb, its high TP use of 2 can make it undesirable sometimes since other low-cost summon inflicts only slightly lesser damage but with only 1 TP.

Nevertheless, it can save you from sticky situations, including rescuing, defending, or taking on a group of enemies.

3. Bahamut

credits: Square Enix
  • Required TP: 1
  • Unlock Conditions: Obtained from the beginning
  • Power: 1000

Bahamut is the first Magilumic Orb you’ll receive and the one you’ll use most. This is because it does very high AOE damage of 1000 points, lower damage than Coeurl’s, but with only 1 TP cost. Since TP is a valuable and hard-to-get resource, Bahamut is an efficient and reliable summon to use anytime and under any conditions.

On the other hand, it has no other supporting effects, such as buffs or nerfs, so use it only when you’re sure of attacking head-on or destroying weakened bosses quickly.

2. Goldhorne

Diofield Chronicle Magilumic Orbs Summons Guide
credits: Square Enix
  • Required TP: 2
  • Unlock Conditions: Clear The Chains That Bind
  • Power: N/A

You can’t just blindly attack head-on in tactical JRPGs like the Diofield Chronicles; you need to plan your movement and balance supporting, defending, and attacking actions. Goldhorne is the best choice of support.

Goldhorne doesn’t do any damage, but it completely restores all HP and EP of your units in an AOE. You also get the summon after finishing only the first chapter. Goldhorne is the go-to summon and will help you turn the tide of battle on many occasions, especially in difficult boss fights.

1. Fenrir

  • Required TP: 1
  • Unlock Conditions: Clear Harbinger of Discord
  • Power: 800

Fenrir does the lowest damage among all the Magilumic Orbs in The Diofield Chronicles. However, Fenrir inflicts Freeze on affected enemy units, freezing them and making them unable to move or attack. The AOE range of this attack is also extensive.

Fenrir’s ability is more valuable than Coeurl and Bahamut, even with lower damage output than both. Fenrir’s attack makes opponents completely immobile, so you can easily take them out without a fight, so the lesser damage is well compensated. Furthermore, Fenrir needs only 1 TP to summon, making Fenrir a versatile and the best Magilumic Orb in The Diofield Chronicle.

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