The 10 Best Elden Ring Mods in 2022

Looking for the best mods of Elden Ring? You have hit the jackpot, Tarnished one.

The anticipation of releasing the Elden Ring was hyper since the very beginning. And that did not put water into the fire at all. The open world of this game is a mesmerizing piece of art. Well, other than Devs of the game, another group of Devs feels the frustration of the Elden Ring gamers while getting backstabbed repeatedly.

This shadow community of Devs has released several mods for Elden Ring. These mods are like a mirage in the desert but are actual existence if you believe. These mods are for players who want to enjoy and mess around with the game. Let me guide you into the top 10 best mods of Elden Ring.

1. Ultimate Cheat Table

Make Elden Ring obey your every order; that is the motto for this powerful mod. Create your own fancied magic to spawn any boss at any time; you name it. Hold the thought; you can even edit the game map.

This cheat table contains so many basic features that are user-friendly as well. This UI can guide you even to edit the script. That is the God Mode. Surprise, surprise! You can even summon your custom-made sprits. I wonder what else Devs left to mod the game. Find it for yourself.

2. Anti-Cheat Toggler with Offline Launcher

As EULA (End-User License Agreement) is listed as the anti-cheat solution under its own “third-party software,” that resulted in boot up with any of FromSoftware’s latest releases. The thought of protecting the players from harmful activities and keeping the online community clean is a wise decision. Still, at the same time, the countless report showed several negative impacts on players.

With this mod, you can easily switch between online and offline modes to play the way you want. Find the mod here.

3. Easy Mode

Easy mode might be the perfect mod for gamers with frustration issues. Well, we all know how the Devs drink from the frustration of gamers. This mod is worthwhile for the gamers who want to enjoy the beautiful landscape views of the game rather than worrying about getting unexpected backstabs at unexpected places.

There are certain perks. You can reduce your taken damage to 50% and increase your AP by 25%. That is not it; you can even increase your hit radius of yours by twice the size. Last but not least, you will be able to reinforce your weapon with only one material. Here is the mod.

4. Grand Merchant

You remember the Honest Merchant from Dark Souls 3, right? Well, this Santa is not very less than him. This Grand Merchant can give you easy access to all items. You can view these in the Crafting menu. All craftables are free of cost even though spells are not included yet as there are reports of a sudden crash. You can proceed without free spells, right, goofball? Now, go find the mod.

5. Elden Re-Shade

This Re-shading mod has a precise color correction ability along with HDR fixes. This will make the landscapes look more like “Landscapes.” The UI is friendly and very easy to use. You can control the HDR by increasing and decreasing the volume of that TV that you don’t use, as the remote has been missing since last week. The relative subtle tweak will seem like it drastically changed your view of the game. Here is the pathway to the mod.

6. Pause the Game

Devs don’t want you to catch your breath in Elden Ring. The team of this Bully Maguire set the motto, Die or Die. Long story short, we already know that you really cannot pause in the game. Unless there is a mod to help you out, this mod is easy to use, just like Will Smith did not think twice at that stage. For you, Tarnished one, just press P, and there you go.

7. Fix the Camera

By this time, you already know how annoying the camera can be. The more you move, the more the camera gets re-centering. This mod is here for you to get less annoyed than usual. You can disable the camera reset even though there is no target in range, but you feel like locking on to something. Well, what is a game without mods, huh! Here you go, Tarnished one.

8. Auto Recover HP and FP

FromSoft? More like Ubisoft. With this mod, you can regain the HP you lost over time. And what franchises bring back the memory other than those of Ubisofts’? This mod will aid in recovering your HP 0.5% per second and 2 FP per second as well. This mod will also affect the Crimson Amber Medallion, and truth to be told, that is absolutely nothing to worry about. Here is the path to the mod.

9. Unlock the Frame Rate

There comes the FPS unlocker. FPS unlocker is something special to see the world goes smooth like butter. You can set up the FPS as high as 999. Just like that meme, though, expect your machine to burst and get featured on r/OneSecondBeforeDisaster. Nevermind, there you go.

10. High-Resolution Map

The map itself is the least you could expect from a High Graphical end game. The map in Elden Ring seems a bit de-magnified than usual, which is a bug in the buttock. With this mod, unleash the opportunity to unlock the resolution to 15175*14280. Now, zoom all the way you want; extra thanks to the Devs of this mod.

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