TF Blade reached challenger in Korean soloq with 64% win rate

Solo queue monster Ashkan “TF Blade” Homayouni has reached challenger in the Korean server with a massive 64% win rate.

TF Blade is known for reaching rank 1 on multiple servers and he did achieve all his past goals reaching rank 1 on EUW, EUNE, and LAN server. And this time he seeks to reach 1 on the most competitive League of Legends server, Korean server.

TF Blade managed to reach challenger on the Korean server in 17 days with a massive 64% win rate. He played a total of 301 matches to reach challenger where he won 193 games and lost 108 games. His

His top 3 most champions are Jax, Irelia, and Tryndamere. Jax is his most played champion with 128 games and he won 70% of his games with Jax. His second-most champion is Irelia with 58 games and 67% win rate and his third-most played champion is Tryndamere with a 63% win rate.

He reached Challenger despite many players though he will be able to cross Diamond or Master.

Will TF Blade be able to reach rank 1?

Currently, there is a Coronavirus outbreak in Korea as Coronavirus cases surge to 2,337. And in this situation about how long he will be staying in Korea, he mentioned on his stream yesterday that will stay there for around 15-20 more days. He also mentioned on his stream that, it’d take him 18-20 days to get rank 1.

Mentioning how hard it is to climb in the Korean server as many Pros think high challengers in Korean server are on a completely different level than low challengers. The current rank 1 on the Korean server is Park “Thal” Kwon-hyuk with 1,473 LP and TF Blade’s current lp is 394.

So, in order to reach rank 1 TF Blade needs another 1088LP. And if he really stays there for only 15-20 more days, he will be needing 73-55LP each day considering if he does not lose any game. And compering how hard the Korean server is he might need 100LP each day to reach rank 1.


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