TenZ will be replacing Sinatraa on the upcoming VALORANT Masters event

Sentinels have officially replaced Sinatraa with one of North America’s best VALORANT players, Tyson “TenZ” Ngo. 

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After Riot suspended Sinatraa’s entry from the upcoming VALORANT Masters event, Sentinels have decided to acquire TenZ. Riot has made an exception in this case to show their support for the VALORANT scene. As of March 12th, the North American VALORANT Masters event is already airing on Twitch & YouTube.

Announcement from Sentinels

Amidst all confusions about this announcement, Riot has also made its own statement regarding this exchange.

As per Riot’s statement, it’s also clear that TenZ is not going to be a part of Cloud9 anymore. The sudden roster change will have a huge impact on Sentinels’ current standing squad. TenZ has been consistently praised as North America’s finest VALORANT player. His journey with Cloud9’s professional VALORANT team wasn’t exactly a dream run; however, Sentinels might provide a whole new level of opportunity for the 19-year-old prodigy.

On the other hand, the sexual abuse allegations made against Sinatraa is spreading like wildfire on Twitter. Surprisingly, Sinatraa’s short response to the allegations has also made the situation much complex. While Riot is busy conducting an investigation, the Sentinels roster will have to adapt to a new face within a concise amount of time.

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TenZ has been a very familiar name within the VALORANT community due to his talent & ability to play the game in a truly unique fashion. Tyson’s new home, Sentinels, has a history of dominating the North American VALORANT scene since last year. However, his true potentials will be put to the test in the ongoing VALORANT Masters event.

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