Teamfight Tactics Mobile will arrive just before May 2020


During the League of Legends tenth anniversary Riot announced a couple of games. Among them, Teamfight Tactics stood out. A mobile port of that game is said to be released before May 2020.

Teamfight tactics is an auto battler game. From the day it released it got its own following on twitch. League of Legends players really liked this version of the game. A mobile version of this game was rumored to come. Stephen Mortimer the lead Designer of Teamfight Tactics, while streaming through his twitch told the viewers that the mobile version of the game will more likely to come before May 2020.

Teamfight Tactics

While chat kept asking for more he didn’t reveal any further details on the game. He only ensured that the game will arrive before May 2020.

Riot Games on mobile games

Seeing the success of mobile games, Riot Games definitely wanted to have a slice of that pie. With their portfolio of games like TFT mobile and League of Legends mobile they sure are going to shake the mobile gaming market.

We are speculating that TFT mobile is a perfect match for mobile gaming. It is very intuitive for beginners and veteran players alike. It will definitely be a huge success in the making for Riot Games.


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