Teamfight Tactics Fates: New Mechanic, Origins, Champions, Release Date, and More

Teamfight Tactics: Fates, set 4 of Riot’s auto battler is almost here with new Mechanics and Origins.

Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies was a great edition for the TFT after its terrible run in set 2. As the set 3 is now live since March, a lot of players are eagerly waiting for new content. And in order to keep players hyped, Riot has been teasing the set 4 for the last couple of weeks.

However today, Riot has finally revealed some more information about the upcoming Teamfight Tactics: Fates in the latest dev post.

Release Date

Teamfight Tactics: Fates is scheduled to go live on patch 10.19, September 16, 2020. Before its official release, it will go through some testing on the patch 10.19 PBE.

New Mechanics and Origins

For the upcoming set 4, Riot has revealed a new Mechanic called Chosen and added some new origins and traits.

Chosen Mechanic

In Fates, Riot has introduced a new unit called “Chosen” in the shop. Every time you see the shop there’s a chance that you will be able to get the new units. However, Chosen units are a bit different than normal unites. These champions are already at the 2-star level and cost three times their normal 1-star price.

Chosen Mechanic
Chosen Mechanic by Riot Games

Chosen unites also come with some new extra power:

  • One of their traits (origin or class) is “Chosen” and counts as 2 of that trait!
  • They also get +200 HP and a unique stat bonus—either 500 HP, 35% spell power, 50 AD, or 25% reduced mana cost. (Tunings subject to change)

But there’s a catch, once you buy one Chosen champion, other Chosen champions will no longer appear in your shop. “You can only have one at a time! If you sell your Chosen champ, they can start appearing again in your shop,” Riot Games said.


According to Riot, Warlord is a good synergy to play if you are just trying out the set 4. After activating the Warlord synergy, your Warlords will get some health and spell power for each battle they win and victorious battles they’ve already been in (even if you didn’t have the synergy active at that time). 

However the bonus only increases up to a cap of 5. And here are the stats for Warlord:

  • Warlords have an additional
    • (3) 150 HP & 10 SP
    • (6) 400 HP & 25 SP
    • (9) 600 HP & 50 SP
  • Each victorious combat they participate in grants additional HP & SP, stacking up to 5 times.
    • (3) 30 HP & 3 SP
    • (6) 40 HP & 5 SP
    • (9) 80 HP & 10 SP
Warlord Champions by Riot Games


Riot Games thinks Moonlight is one of the most unique traits in the Fates set. It is a 3-piece trait, and all of the champions are either 1-costs or 2-costs.

As Moonlight costs only 1 or 2, you will be able to activate it early on. Once you do that, the trait will upgrade the lowest star level unit by a one-star level. This means if you have a 2-star Diana, a 2-star Lissandra, and a 1-star Sylas, then at the start of combat the Sylas becomes a 2-star.

What happens if you have 3 Moonlight champions and they are all 3-star? well according to Riot, you will get a special four-star unit. Riot however also mentioned that they aren’t as strong as a 4-cost 3-stars unit but yet strong enough for set 4.

Moonlight Champions by Riot Games


Cultist will be one of the major origins in Teamfight Tactics: Fates. With more champions than any other trait at 8 Cultist champions, this trait doesn’t offer any power to the Cultist champions themselves.

Instead, Cultists use their powers to summon the Demon Lord Galio into the team. The more Cultists on the board, the more powerful Galio will be.

  • (3): Tyrant Galio
  • (6): Demon Lord Galio
  • (9): Supreme Overlord Galio

Each level provides Galio a ton of stats and increased abilities. Supreme Overlord Galio is an absolute monster with more than 7000 health and 600 AD! But even Tyrant Galio offers a solid 1800 HP frontliner with a big AOE stun that can be the difference between winning and losing your next fight.

Cultist by Riot Games

Known Champions

Champions that fit in Warlord:

  • Nidalee – (1 cost Warlord Sharpshooter)
  • Garen – (1 cost Warlord Vanguard)
  • Jarvan – (2 cost Warlord Keeper)
  • Pyke – (2 cost Cultist Assassin)
  • Katarina – (3 cost Warlord Assassin) (Warlord Chosen)
  • Kennen – (3 cost Ninja Keeper)
  • Xin Zhao – (3 cost Warlord Duelist)

Champions that fit in Moonlight:

  • Diana – (1 cost Moonlight Assassin)
  • Lissandra – (1 cost Moonlight Dazzler) (Dazzler Chosen)
  • Garen – (1 cost Warlord Vanguard)
  • Sylas – (2 cost Moonlight Brawler)
  • Vi – (2 cost Warlord Brawler)
  • Katarina – (3 cost Warlord Assassin)

Champions that fit in Cultist:

  • Elise – (1 cost Cultist Keeper)
  • Twisted Fate – (1 cost Cultist Mage)
  • Pyke – (2 cost Cultist Assassin)
  • Thresh – (2 cost Dusk Vanguard)
  • Evelynn – (3 cost Cultist Shade)
  • Kalista – (3 cost Cultist Duelist) (Duelist Chosen)
  • Aatrox – (4 cost Cultist Vanguard)

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