Team Vitality face a $10,000 fine for stream sniping

During the Blast Premier: Global Finals 2020, Team Vitality has been caught stream sniping by ESIC.

Stream sniping is the act of watching an opponent’s Livestream who is in the same lobby and then using that information to gain an advantage. Livestreams without any delays are really susceptible to this issue. One can see the enemy’s position in real-time and utilize the information to have an upper hand.

Due to this, stream delays have been implemented which broadcast the game a few minutes later than live. Thus, by the time the enemy’s position is seen he is not present there in real-time and the obtained information is regarded useless. But in team games, past rounds can be seen to analyze and predict an enemy team’s strategy.

ESIC fines Team Vitality

Earlier today, during the semi-finals of BLAST Premier a TV was spotted in a Vitality player’s background which was broadcasting the live stream. This is in complete violation of the ESIC code. The Esports Integrity Commission was responsible for dealing with the situation and they issued a $10,000 fine to team Vitality.

ESIC addressed the matter saying, “ESIC’s assessment of the VOD footage and player camera footage does not suggest that the players were given information derived from the stream or that they gained any advantage in their matches as a result of the Code violation by the organization. Team Vitality’s management has accepted responsibility for the breach,”

ESIC added that they did not perceive any ill intentions from the team. They also added that this $10,000 will be donated to charity.

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