Team Liquid wins 3-0 Vs G2 Esports on VALORANT Showmatch

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

In an epic show of Jett smokes and 1600 DPI aim duels, Team Liquid manages to win over G2 Esports in the “Best in the West” showmatch last night. Team Liquid & G2 Esports surprised the huge online crowd with a super friendly and exciting game. Both teams put on a great show for the audience.

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Earlier yesterday players from the Team Liquid VALORANT roster started individual live streams on Twitch just before the showdown match. The hype train intensified when players from both teams started sharing memes to poke fun at each other. Excitement grew as players and fans all boarded the hype train.

ec1s from Team Liquid uploaded this picture on Twitter where he was browsing the internet with these following keywords:

How are G2 so lucky? ” , ” When is Jett getting nerfed? “, ” Its a joke relax “.

Seems like Mixwell from G2 Esports was quick to remind Team Liquid that they have no achievement in their Valorant Wall of Fame yet. Although its a joke from Mixwell but it’s also true that Team Liquid fell behind G2 and FPX on almost every Valorant VALORANT prior to the showmatch.

The calm before the storm

Around 1800 CEST the showmatch Livestream begun. It started with a fan-match. Fans from both teams played against each other on Bind map while being coached by ScreaM and Mixwell respectively. Team Liquid fans won over G2 Fans in a very tight overtime match (14-12).

Later the actual showmatch started on Haven. Interestingly all players from both teams pre-agreed to some in-game challenges like selecting the same set of characters, playing with high DPI, rushing 5 stacks on a single bomb site, and more. Official match casters had a really hard time keeping up with 10 Jett players fighting mid-air knife battles while utilizing 30 clouds of smoke on a single bomb site.

Match Result:

In a Best of 3 maps format, Team Liquid absolutely Jett-Dashed their way to a perfect 3-0 over G2 Esports. Here is the scoreboard on all three maps:

Haven: 13 – 1

Split: 13 – 9

Ascent: 13 – 7


The overall vibe of the match was friendly and remained so throughout the whole match. An Aimlab tournament also took place where Team Liquid proved they have a better aim than their contemporaries. However, players are still looking forward to the “First Strike” tournament where Team Liquid will have to establish a strong foothold in the competitive VALORANT scene. G2 on the other hand already has multiple consecutive tournaments wins in their bag.

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