Team Liquid sweep KRU Esports in a quick 2-0 victory in VCT Masters Iceland Upper bracket Semifinals

After getting demoted to the lower brackets, Team Liquid and KRU Esports face off against each other as they struggle to keep their place in the tournament.

Team Liquid were the champions of VCT Stage 2 EMEA Challengers Finals. The Blue team had been struggling in the first stage of VCT but after team reforms, they are back stronger than ever and have grabbed the global spotlight. In Stage 2 Masters, they choked and lost their match against Version1. Now they aim to redeem themselves as they climb the lower brackets.

KRU Esports were the champions of VCT Stage 2 LATAM Challengers Finals. They have qualified for Masters Iceland and have gone on to represent the region on the global stage. In masters, they lost to Fnatic in the first game and won against Sharks Esports in the second match. Now they face off against the EMEA champs to stay in the tournament.

The first map was Split picked by KRU. Team Liquid held down the fort and gained a substantial lead in the first half on defense. In the second half, they had a winning streak and quickly got the rounds they needed and won the map.

The second map was Ascent picked by Liquid. The first half was competitive with KRU inching ahead. But in the second half after stabilizing their economy, team liquid showed their defensive prowess yet again with a winning streak.

ScreaM from Team Liquid stood out with the best performance with a +18 K/D and a 194.2 ADR respectively. He also maintained a 32% headshot accuracy.

Mapwise scores:

Team Liquid 13-2 KRU Esports
Team Liquid 13-9 KRU Esports

So, after this astonishing 2-0 sweep, Liquid move on to face Team Vikings in the Lower brackets.

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