Taxi2G responds to his permanent ban on Apex Legends for allegedly using speed exploits

Popular Apex Legends streamer Taxi2G got banned for exploiting speed bugs.

Apex Legends is a free-to-play hero-based first-person shooter battle royale developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by video game giants Electronic Arts. Since its release in February of 2020, Apex Legends has gained quite some fame in the industry.

Just like other hero-shooter-based games, Apex also has unique abilities for each individual legend. In January, a glitch was discovered in the game where players were able to boost forward an infinite amount of times while equipping their ultimate ability and then switching to their melee weapon. Apex often suffers from game-breaking glitches like these which ruin the player experience.

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Taxi2G permanent ban

Taxi2G is a 26-year-old Danish-American content creator who plays and streams his Apex Legends gameplay. But recently, he’s been the center of controversy in the Apex community following his permanent ban on January 12th.

He was banned during his live stream for seemingly unspecified reasons. But earlier, Taxi was seen exploiting the speed glitch while on stream. When mentioned that he might get banned for his actions, Taxi2G was heard saying, “I don’t give a fu*k,” which clearly proves his reluctance towards fair gameplay.

After receiving the ban, he went on to create two more accounts which were also banned shortly. Recently he tweeted an official statement expressing how he felt about the whole situation.

In his writing, he talked about how he thinks injustice is being served against him and claimed that he was “banned out of no where”. Taxi also speculated that his ban might be a “target ban” since the people in the North American community allegedly address him as a “threat” or dislike him generally.

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Image Credit: @TaxiDLegend

Although it seems to be taking him some time to grasp the fact that his permanent ban was because of his own actions, Respawn Entertainment seems to be certain about the validity of his offense.

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