Tap-strafing is still here in Apex Legends after the season 12 update

The much-awaited Season 12 Defiance update in Apex Legends still didn’t remove tap-strafing.

Apex Legends is a hero-based battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. The game is free-to-play and has microtransaction in them for monetization. Apex has always been one of the most popular battle royale games ever since its release back in February 2019.

Respawn Entertainment has made Apex Legends an extremely fast-paced game where quick movement is one of the most prominent skills a player can master. But sometimes, players find techniques that further escalate the situation. Tap-strafing is one such technique.

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Removal Tap-Strafing from Apex Legends

What is tap-strafing? After a legend performs an air-strafe following a slide jump, the forward movement key can be used to further change the momentum of the player while in the air. With the combination of the mouse and keyboard, tap-strafing can be abused to perform technically impossible agility mid-air such as 180-degree turns.

Respawn Entertainment has tried to resolve the tap-strafing issue in the past but was faced with technical challenges along the way, which forced the devs to delay the fix. But recently, developers had been slowly building up expectations within the community about tap-strafing being patched with the new seasonal update.

While the much anticipated Season 12 Defiance update is up and running, players can still perform perfect tap-strafing at will.

Popular Apex Legends leaker Biast12 retweeted this video of Euriece, an Apex legends streamer, performing a perfect tap-strafe even after the Season 12 Defiance update. As a result, players and content creators are divided on this decision from Respawn.

Even though there was no mention of this issue being fixed in the official patch notes, Respawn had misled the community with the belief that after the season 12 update, tap-strafing would be removed as the early preview build disabled tap-strafing.

Josh Medina, a Producer at Respawn Entertainment, indicates that the fix provided in the early preview was actually feedback testing for a future build.

Meaning, Respawn has bamboozled the community this time, although tap-strafing could still be patched out in the future.

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