Tales Of Arise: Stone Fragment Location

If you are confused where is the Stone Fragment in Tales Of Arise we have you covered.

Upgrading your weapon could be essential in the game as it gives you a significant boost and helps you defeat enemies quicker. To upgrade your weapons you need Stone Fragments that can be found and mined at the Tales of Arise Stone Fragment area. Stone Fragments are pretty easy to obtain and cultivate early on in the Tales Of Arise. So we have made a complete guide as to where you can find the Stone Fragment.

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Tales Of Arise Stone Fragment Location:

Stone Fragments can be found in Tales of Arise just after departing Fagan Ruins and entering Iglia Wastes. By the way, this is the stage in Tales of Arise where you would unlock fast travel. Turn southeast from the short travel spot and continue straight along the road with collapsing pillars on both sides. You will come upon a stone Golem on the left where you don’t need to defeat it, but you should battle the creature if you’re searching for Stone Fragments. It’s a simple foe to beat, and that too in a short time.

You’ll either earn a Stone Fragment or, on rare occasions, a Strange Core after defeating the Golem. If you shatter the Stone Fragment’s weak place, you’ll have a better chance of getting it. If you wish to farm Stone Fragments in either case, open the map and return to the Iglesia Wastes fast travel location. This will respawn the Golem, as well as the Stone Fragment location in Tales of Arise. Continue the torment on the pitiful soul until you have a sufficient number of Fragments, a minimum of two, along with the fragments. You’ll also need a Membrane Wing and Astral Crystal Grain, and then voila, you can upgrade Shionne’s Basic Rifle.

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