Tales of Arise: How To Obtain Mystic Crest Accessory

Here is how you can obtain the Mystic Crest accessory in Tales of Arise.

This ornament is one of the best utility accessories as it decreases the spelling casting time, deals more damage to opponents, and lowers the healing costs. You can acquire Mystic crests in the game in quite a few ways. So we have made a complete guide on how you can obtain the Mystic Crest accessory in Tales Of Arise.

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How to Obtain the Mystic Crest Accessory:

Gamers have to follow several steps to acquire the Mystic Crest accessory. First, level up Shionne to 40 level or above, then go to the Training Grounds in Menancia and complete her solo Battle challenge on Advanced.  Gamers will receive a Mystic crest among the reward for completing the challenge. Having obtained the ornament, they can forge the Mystic Crest accessory by going to any game’s merchants.

Shionne will also get the “Fashionista” skill this way. Acquire the Mystic crest accessory by opening a chest. If you go to Tarfhal Helgarahi Lower Level 1F, you will find a chest in the northwestern corner of the map. When you open the chest, you will acquire a Mystic Crest. It is the sole method to obtain the item before levelling up to 40.

The Mystic Crest that you acquire through these methods will decrease your casting time by 20%, but it is still a general accessory. You can craft an advanced 5-star version of the ornament at a merchant to unlock more features after you have obtained the item first. It will provide gamers with four additional skills in the game and help them tremendously in their adventures.

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