Tales of Arise: How to Find Earth Seeds

Here is how you can get Earth seeds in Tales Of Arise.

Tales of Arise has a large number of sub-quests, which can reward you with valuable things. Completing the quest for the Woodcutter Man you come across in Messia 224 is advantageous. However, for the Hard Liquor sub-quest, you will first have to find Earth seeds that are not so easy to find. So we have made a complete guide on how to find Earth Seeds in Tales of Arise.

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How to find Earth Seeds in Tales Of Arise

The quest requires you to find four earth seeds, but you might be confused about where to find them. Even though you already could have them when you passed through Ulvhan GrottoIf you have not yet, no worries, we have you covered.

You could already have seen these flaming green squid-looking enemies in abundance in Ulvhan Grotto, and you can always go back there to find them or move forward to the Rudhir Forestwhich is on the path towards Cysloden. After you get inside Ulvhan Grotto, you will have to defeat Ropers. Ropers are easy to find, but they rarely drop earth seeds which can take some time. Unfortunately, Earth seeds are slightly hard to find as you can only obtain them from Roper enemies.

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Once you have the required items, you can complete the Hard Liquor quest to reveal the Lohikeitto Recipe, which helps pump up item drop rates and aid you in your future item harvesting quests.

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